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Step 1. Evaluate Your Eligibility

To determine your eligibility for this NEH Summer Seminar, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you a US citizen, a resident of US jurisdictions, or a foreign national who has been residing in the US or its territories since 2011?

If you answered "no" to Question 1, you are not eligible for this Seminar.

2. Are you a colleague or a relative of either of the project directors?

3. Have you studied with either of the project directors?

4. Have you participated in an NEH summer seminar or institute within the last three years?

If you answered "yes" to Questions 2, 3, or 4, you are not eligible to participate in this NEH Summer Seminar.

If you are eligible to participate, please proceed to Step 2.


Step 2. NEH Application Cover Sheet (Print Copy needed as well as Electronic)

All applicants to the NEH Seminar Reform and Renewal in Medieval Rome are required to complete an Application Cover Sheet at:

Please follow the prompts, BUT before you click "Submit," print out the cover sheet.  You will need to scan it and send it with this completed application form by March 4, 2014 to,, and

Please note: An individual may apply to up to two projects (NEH Summer Seminars, or NEH Summer Institutes), but may participate in only one.

Step 3. Contact Information

Please provide the following contact information:

1. The best phone number and email address to reach you on or around March 31, 2014.

2. If accepted into the Seminar, may we include your email address in information shared with other Seminar participants?

Step 4. CV/Resume/Brief Bio

Pease submit a detailed résumé, curriculum vitae, or bio (not exceeding 5 pages).

Step 5. Application Essay

Please write an short essay (no more than four double-spaced pages) explaining:

1. Your interest in the Seminar subject and your reasons for applying for a place in the NEH Summer Seminar Reform and Renewal in Medieval Rome

2. The independent project that you intend to pursue during the seminar

3. The qualifications and experiences that you can contribute to seminar and its community of learning

4. The ways in which the Seminar and project relate to your professional duties.

Step 6. References

Please provide the names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses of two professional references.  You do not need to ask them for letters; we will contact them as needed.

Reference 1


Title and Institution:

Phone Number:

Email Address:


Reference 2


Title and Institution:

Phone Number:

Email Address:


Step 7. Submission (Deadline-4 March 2014)

Please submit your completed application– either as a Word document or as a pdf – with a copy of the NEH cover sheet through our online form by 4 March 2014. 



Successful applicants will be notified on Monday, 31 March 2014.  They will need to confirm their participation by Friday, April 4. Applicants are encouraged to consult with their institutions in advance regarding supplemental funding so that they may respond promptly to the invitation to participate.