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What is a Curricular Exploration requirement?

Curricular Exploration requirements require you to take 36 credits in six different areas.  The specifics of this will be available in the Academic Catalog, but you needn’t worry about these requirements too much at first: no matter what you take your first term, you will inevitably be fulfilling some requirements.

Global Understanding requirements require you to take six credits in a course that deal with International Studies and six credits in a course that deals in Intercultural Domestic Studies as well as earn proficiency in a language other than English.

Quantitative Reasoning requires three courses designated as a “Quantitatively Rich Encounter.”

Writing requirements require you to take a first-year "Argument and Inquiry" seminar, an additional six credit writing course, and submit a revised writing portfolio the spring of your sophomore year.

Physical Education requirements require you to take four terms of physical education, all of which can be fulfilled by participating in approved club sports.

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  • FAQ courtesy of Advising Handbook
  • Keywords: distros, distribution requirements, requirements

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