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Can I use Student Health and Counseling if I don’t purchase the Carleton sponsored insurance plan?

Yes, but please note that services beyond those provided by Student Health and Counseling are not included in the comprehensive fee of the College. Click here for a list of medical and counseling services available at SHAC.

Labs, x-rays, office visits and specialist appointments at local health clinics/hospital are billed to your insurance company, or must be paid out-of-pocket. Many home-based HMO plans do not provide adequate coverage outside of your home area. Also, if you are considering study abroad options, the cost of any pre-travel medical appointment or immunizations may not be covered under your current policy. We encourage you to review your current health insurance policy to verify that you are adequately covered while you pursue your academic interests at Carleton and abroad. Visit the SHAC site for more information and a worksheet to help determine what your insurance will cover in the greater Northfield area.   

  • 15 May 2015
  • FAQ courtesy of Student Health and Counseling
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