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What is the purpose of academic advising?

Academic advising is an educational process intended to aid students in making decisions about their Carleton academic careers and lifelong career choices. Academic advisers for First- and Second-Year students are called "Liberal Arts Advisers" (whereas advisers for Juniors and Seniors are called "Major Advisers").  Liberal Arts Advisers coordinate course selection, discuss educational and career goals, and encourage students to consider questions of personal growth. Advisers also aid in planning academic programs and in referring students to other campus services. Students are responsible for pursuing this process as they deem appropriate for their needs; effective advising is only possible when communication yields an exchange of ideas.

First- and second-year Liberal Arts Advisers are assigned generally; that is, a student thinking of majoring in studio art might have a mathematician as an adviser, or an aspiring chemist may be advised by an English professor. This is not a problem. In addition to your Liberal Arts Adviser, department chairs are available to meet with students during New Student Week and throughout the year. RAs, New Student Week Leaders (NSWLs), and Student Department Assistants (SDAs) are also available during New Student Week and beyond. You will also have a chance to attend an Academic Fair during your first week on campus to meet with faculty and student representatives from various departments.

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