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How many Schillers should I pre-purchase?

A student may need between $400 and $1000 Schillers per term, or $40 to $100 Schillers per week while on campus if they want to take advantage of the convenience that OneCard offers.

You will have to decide for yourself. Some classes require more books than others, some students do laundry more frequently than others, etc. Listed below are factors to consider when determining how many Schillers to pre-purchase:

  • Laundry: $20-$40 Schillers a term
  • Textbooks and supplies: $350-$700 Schillers a term
  • Food money beyond Meal Plans and Dining Dollars: $125-$250 Schillers a term
  • Copies, Postage, Vending, Student Health and Counseling misc.: $5 - $20 a term
  • Julia H Burmesch, 5 August 2013
  • FAQ courtesy of OneCard
  • Keywords: schillers, schiller, stored value funds, debit card

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