Step 2: Pre-Registering for Your Other Courses

As an incoming First-Year student, you'll be pre-registering over the summer for your fall term courses. Look over the online course catalog on the Registrar's website and begin to consider your options. A little later this summer we will be posting a "Welcome to Carleton" video, which will include some valuable advice about course selection.  If you still have questions, we encourage you to contact the Registrar's office (507-222-4288), the Dean of the College office (507-222-4300) or the Dean of Students office (507-222-4075).  Early in New Student Week you will meet with your liberal arts adviser to discuss your pre-registration and make any changes that the two of you decide are appropriate.

Registration Help screens

All new students will pre-register for Fall courses via The Hub. Access The Hub here or by clicking "The Hub" icon on the Registrar's homepage. Log in as yourself. Help pages are available for some links within The Hub, including specific instructions regarding web registration functionality.

** (Transfer students click here for instruction)

Pre-Registering for your other two courses

Your Registration Priority day and time for fall term may be found by clicking on the “Am I Registration Ready” link on The Hub. You will have an entire day to complete the selection of your remaining two 6-credit courses.  You will be able to pre-register and make changes to your pre-registration during your assigned day (7:00 AM to 6:59 AM Central Daylight time). Carleton is on a three-term calendar; students are assigned priority times randomly and equally, so that each student has an early, a middle and a late registration priority time during the year. If you are toward the end of the fall pre-registration period, be assured that your place in the queue will be better next time!

The Process

We provide three different online views of the class schedule:

    1. Search for Courses (ENROLL)” is available via a link on The Hub or directly from the Registrar’s homepage. It has some search capabilities not available through the “Search for Sections (real time)” page. For example, you can use it to view courses that count toward a specific curricular exploration requirement, and you can use its key-word search functionality. It’s also an easy way to view an entire department’s or program’s term offerings on a single scrollable page.
    2. The 2017-18 Complete Schedule of Classes is a static document. It provides an easy way to browse our course offerings for the entire year, but it is likely to contain dated information; use it to get a feeling for the variety of our course offerings and to get a sense for which courses are offered multiple times during the year and which are not. It provides course descriptions for new or updated courses that don’t appear in last year’s catalog. You can access this information (and the catalog) via the Registrar’s homepage.
    3. The Search for Courses (Real Time)” link on The Hub allows you to select and view subsets of our course offerings; it provides the most current information on course offerings. It provides the same search functionality available to you via the “Register for Courses” link but in a non-transactional mode.  

      Creating your preferred sections list

      On The Hub, you can create your list of preferred sections prior to registration. Knowing the synonym numbers (the 5 digit number associated with each class) for your proposed classes and using the “Express Registration” option (accessible via the "Register for Courses" link) will speed up this process.


      When it's time to pre-register you can just use the “Register for previously selected sections” link and select your final choices from your preferred sections which are still open. Click on the “Register for Courses” link on The Hub to access these and other registration screens. You are required to pre-register for 18 credits of 6- or 3-credit courses, and in addition many students register for PE activities, Music lessons or ensembles, and Dance ensembles. Read the registration information in the Course Navigator for help making informed pre-registration choices.

      Seat availability

      You can check available class seats prior to and during registration by clicking on "Search for Courses (Real Time)" or "Search for Courses (ENROLL)" on The Hub. During registration, “Search for Courses (Real Time)" and the registration screens will have current seat availability information; information in ENROLL is likely to become dated because it only refreshes on an hourly basis.


      If there is a closed course you are very interested in, you can waitlist it during registration via the “Register for previously selected sections” link, in the hopes that a seat will open up for you when the fall term begins. You can also drop yourself from a waitlist or check your position on the waitlist via the “Manage my waitlist” link from The Hub. You may waitlist for a course which conflicts with a registered course. You are not allowed to waitlist for multiple sections of a course or for another section of a course in which you are enrolled. To waitlist a closed lecture/zero-credit lab pair, waitlist the zero-credit lab only. A waitlisted course does not count toward the minimum of 18 credits you should be registered for when you complete your pre-registration. You will be told more about how to register for a waitlisted course during New Student Week.

      Technical problems

      Should you have technical difficulties while using the web registration screens, the ITS Helpdesk (507-222-5999) will be available to help you during business hours (listed on their site). Creating your preferred sections list and resolving any technical issues prior to registration should help ensure that your registration goes smoothly.

      After Pre-Registration

      The day after you pre-register for your remaining courses, you will get an email from the Registrar. The Registrar will let you know if your selections look good or if she has suggestions for improving it. At that point in time any necessary changes will typically be made over the phone. During New Student Week, you will meet with your Liberal Arts Adviser and have an opportunity to confirm your pre-registration or make additional changes to it. Changes to registration after classes begin—including registering for waitlisted courses—must be completed online by you via the Hub within published deadlines.