A Message from the President

Steven PoskanzerDear First-Year Students,

It’s no exaggeration to say that the liberal arts education you will acquire at Carleton will transform your life for the better. At your new academic home we think a liberal arts education both responds to and reinforces that most distinctive of Carleton traits: an unquenchable intellectual thirst. 

We are convinced that broad inquiry and intensive study in a variety of disciplines from Philosophy to Physics, from Classics to Chinese, is a much better and smarter preparation for a fast-changing world than narrow career training. We think that the liberal arts allow us to take some intellectual risks—and that our successes in meeting those risks will serve us well whatever we choose to do later in life. And we know that living and learning together in a diverse yet mutually supportive community at Carleton will best prepare us for working productively with others and learning from them throughout our lives.

As you plan your course of study at Carleton, be bold and plunge into unchartered academic realms. Learn another language, enroll in courses in entirely new disciplines, or examine local and global connections. You'll relish these experiences.

We’re delighted that you will be with us.


Steven G. Poskanzer