Manizada Interviewed By Wall Street Journal on Merits of Liberal Arts

Asim Manizada '13 (Baku, Azerbaijan) weighed in on the merits of a liberal arts degree for the Wall Street Journal's "Real Time Economics" blog. The post talked to WSJ reporters who had graduated from Harvard University, along with 2013 graduates who the meida outlet are following as part of an ongoing project to cover this year’s college grads, asking them to respond to Harvard's report urging the Humanities division to market itself more aggressively to first and second year students, and to demonstrate the ways that a degree in the humanities can prepare students for a successful career. Manizada wrote: "However, I was very surprised by the job market. I thought that having a technical but theory-based background will still be an impediment, but I found that the employers were quick to overlook that and say that they’ll “teach any specialized skills on the job.” A number of my interviewers lamented the lack of solid writing skills in their pool of (otherwise very gifted) technical applicants; I think my liberal arts writing preparation offered me an edge in a number of positions."

Jun. 7, 2013