Docter '82 Makes Headlines in Washington--For Planting Flowers

Will Docter '82, aka the "Phantom Planter," made headlines in the Washington Post when he was threatened with arrest after he planted 1,000 morning glories and other flowers in 176 barren flower boxes alongside the top stretch of the north escalators at the Dupont Circle station. The Metro transit system authority is concerned about safety, as the planter boxes are located on an incline. This isn't Docter's first foray into clandestine horticulture, as he told the Post he’s planted more an estimated 40,000 flowers in spots ranging from the Israeli Embassy and Navy Memorial in the District to faraway locales, including Argentina, Spain and Cambodia. Docter and Metro authorities are hopeful a solution can be reached to continue the plantings. You can support Docter's efforts through his online petition via

Jun. 22, 2013

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