President Poskanzer Says Looming Shakeup Might Help Higher Education

In the Autumn 2013 edition of American Scholar, the publication polled a number of higher educational leaders on whether or not recent efforts to allow students to complete an undergraduate education in faster time at a lower cost are a good thing. Carleton President Steven Poskanzer was one of those leaders queried, and his response was that it is a good thing. "Viewing the higher education enterprise from a nationwide perspective, it is undeniable that too many students take too long (at too much expense) to complete their college degrees—if they complete them at all. Too much human and financial capital is being wasted. Efforts to keep students in school and to facilitate the completion of degree programs are important, and should be encouraged. They need not be a threat to more traditional, four-year residential college courses of study," he said.

Oct. 1, 2013