Newman Talks Carleton Academic Calendar With Education Week Blog

Louis Newman, director of advising and associate dean of the college, spoke with Education Week about how difference college and university academic calendars impact students' experience at that school. "You're only juggling three subjects at a time," he said. Carleton students can fit in nine courses a year versus eight for students who take four classes per semester at other colleges, which allows students to explore their interests a little more. "And if you get into a class that turns out not to be what you expected, it's over in 10 weeks," he noted. He added that the shorter "terms" don't allow for much missed class time, though. "The pace is very quick. If you're sick for a week, it's really hard to catch up," Newman said. "If you're a student who's struggling, it can be harder to recover from a slow start or a bad paper early in the term."

Apr. 23, 2014

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