Rafe Jones: Odds are it won't snow like this again for, well, do the math

Associate Professor Rafe Jones eases our snow-weary souls with some winter math. 

Rafe Jones Feb. 28, 2019

Tuesday’s fresh blanket of snow propelled this month into fourth place on the list of all-time snowiest months in the Twin Cities. That high ranking takes a little of the sting out of all the shoveling, snowblowing and spinouts. It feels like quite an achievement; after all, snowfall data in the Twin Cities go back to the winter of 1884-85.

That makes this the fourth-snowiest winter month out of the 808 since records began (counting November through April as winter months). But just how rare is that? Making a few assumptions and doing a little bit of math, we can find an answer. Read the full op-ed in the Star Tribune.