Four Carls on MPR's List of 25 Most Influential Minnesotans in Washington

Minnesota Public Radio released its list of the “25 Most Influential Minnesotans in Washington” and four Carls made the list. They include Jonathan Capehart ’89, an editorial writer for the Washington Post; John Harris ’85, the editor-in-chief of and a current Board of Trustee member; Kathy Hudson ’82, Chief of Staff and Deputy Director at the National Institute of Health; and Paul Tewes ’93, a political consultant at his own firm, Tewes-Hildebrand, and a top political advisor to President Barack Obama. Carleton’s quartet was the second-most of any higher education institution (when comparing only undergraduate degrees), as the University of Minnesota had seven alumni from undergraduate programs on the list. No other school had more than two.

Jan. 25, 2011