Hasenstab '95 Interviewed on NPR's "Weekend Edition"

Michael Hasenstab '95 was interviewed on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition" for a segment that aired on February 18 regarding his company's recent investment in Ireland.  Hasenstab's group, Templeton Investments, recently invested billions of dollars in the Irish government bond market. "We always take a long-term perspective on any of our investments. We're looking for the right policy mix. We're looking for good long-term economic fundamentals," he said. "But then the question really was: What approach does Ireland take? Is it denial and procrastination? Or was it really tackling the problems head-on? And that Ireland's case, they really tackled it head on. They accepted significant declines in real wages, which had huge social consequence and costs and not something easy to do. But as a result of those large declines, they regained competitiveness, started to boost exports and began to grow again."

Feb. 18, 2012

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