USA Today Features Neiworth's, Students' Research on Language Research

Julie Neiworth, professor of psychology and director of Carleton's neuroscience program, was featured on the USA Today website on Sept. 29 for her work in replicating the studies of noted former Harvard researcher Marc Hauser. The piece, titled "Scientists revisit a monkey study gone wrong," talks about how Neiworth was conflicted about using Hauser's research in her classroom after his findings came under fire and he eventually was charged with research misconduct. "I stopped teaching his articles, but there was a more fundamental problem," she said in the piece. "I needed to know if I believed (Hauser's) results, or not. And my lab was about the only one in the country that could find out if they were right or wrong." Neiworth secured National Institute of Health funding in support of the project. Her overall research has included nearly 100 undergraduate collaborators and resulted in more than a dozen publications and presentations.

Sep. 29, 2012