Weisberg's Work on "The Last Pictures" Covered By Pioneer Press

Joel Weisberg, the Herman and Gertrude Mosier Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences, was featured in a Nov. 26 article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press about his involvement with "The Last Pictures" project. Weisberg designed a time map that was attached to a silicon disk that contains 100 images selected and/or taken by artist Trevor Paglen to represent humanity. The disk, and the accompanying time map, was launched into orbit from a launch pad in Kazakhstan on Nov. 20 aboard the  EchoStar XVI satellite by the Dish Network. There's no appreciable atmospheric drag that high up, so in theory the satellite and its message to the future "will probably be up there until the sun swallows up the Earth, which will be in 5 billion years," Weisberg said. The article also ran in the Northfield News on Saturday, Dec. 8. 

Nov. 26, 2012

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