Civic Engagement Director Falcon Talks of Carleton's Support of TORCH on MPR

Minnesota Public Radio's week-long series, "Ground Level: Making Connections" examined Latinos in the state and the many issues facing them and the challenges they have in becoming a real part of the community. The series profiled Northfield's TORCH (Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes) program, which has significantly raised Latino high-school completion rates and supported that population's college access. The program is supported by Carleton's Center for Community and Civic Engagment, and reporter Elizabeth Baier interviewed Carleton's director of civic engagement, Adrienne Falcon. "Each community has to build from their place of strength," Falcon said. "But I think the idea of connecting students to college campuses, connecting students to college students and in meaningful relationships of deep exchange is a model that is very replicable. It's about finding, 'Where else can we go? Who else can we collaborate with? Up in Duluth, could St. Scholastica take this one?'"

Dec. 12, 2012