Chronicle of Higher Ed Weighs In On Carleton, St. Olaf Collaboration

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article on Feb. 11 examining Carleton and St. Olaf's recent discussions about ways in which the two Northfield liberal-arts colleges might collaborate in the future. Both institutions' presidents, Steve Poskanzer (Carleton) and David Anderson (St. Olaf) are quoted in the story, as the two schools have used a modest Mellon Foundation grant to fund the examination. "We immediately started addressing the question of how you enhance the quality of what you do, while controlling the costs of what you do, in a world of constrained resources," Poskanzer says of the dialogue, which dates back to when he first came to Carleton in 2010 but have now moved into a more formal phase with the Mellon Foundation's support.

Feb. 11, 2013