Chris Kratt '92 and Brother Martin of "Wild Kratts" Fame Profiled by Hometown Paper

Chris Kratt '92, half of the famous "Kratt Brothers" duo with brother Martin, was recently profiled by their hometown Ottawa Citizen newspaper. The brothers, originally from New Jersey, now reside in Ottawa after starting out in Toronto, have created, produced and starred in three TV shows: "Kratts Creatures," "Zooboomafoo" and their current series, "Wild Kratts." The show airs on TV Ontario, the Kowledge Network and Telebec in Canada and PBS in the U.S. The current show is an animated show, giving the brothers more flexibility in what they show their core audience.  “The reason we decided to do Wild Kratts is because, in our early expeditions, no matter how long we spent in the wild we knew there were animal behaviours we could never film,” Martin said. “So we thought if we could design an animated show we could show anything. We could show sperm whales fighting giant squid 6,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. Suddenly the entire creature world was open to us. That was the real motivation to do animation.” In the animated segments of the show, the brothers transform themselves into various animals, displaying various “creature powers” unique to that animal.

Nov. 29, 2013