David Tompkins Participates in Several Conferences This Fall

David Tompkins, Assistant Professor of History, participated in several conferences during fall term: “Composers and the Party Line in the Early Cold War.” Divided Dreamworlds--the Cultural Cold War in East and West Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, September 25-27. “The Struggle of Socialist Realism against Modernism in Early GDR Music Festivals” and roundtable participant in “Making the GDR: Constructing a Socialist Society in the East after 1945.” German Studies Association Conference, St. Paul, October 2-5. And "Socialist-Realist Pop as an Alternative to Rock: Early Cold War Attempts to Create a Socialist Popular Music in Poland and the GDR” and roundtable participant in “What Sovietization Was--and Wasn’t--in East Central Europe: New Historical Approaches.” American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies Conference, Philadelphia, November 19-23.

Jan. 9, 2009