Donelan Publishes on the Twlight Saga's "Twihard" Phenomenon

Carol Donelan, associate professor of cinema and media studies, has had her article "Vampires Suck! Twihards Rule!!! Myth and Meaning in the Twilight Saga Franchise" accepted for publication in Quarterly Review of Film and Video. The article analyzes the meaning uncovered in the Twilight films by loyal fans known as “Twihards.” Donelan recognizes that these films have a lot to say, and whether one is a “Twihard” or a “Twihater” depends on whether one is willing to attune to the peculiar way the films make meaning.  In the article, Donelan notes that the trivial surfaces of the films often camouflage the deep structure and implicit meanings of myth, and Twihards are the ones willing to rummage through the rubbish and make sense out of nonsense.

Anna Versen '14 May 30, 2013

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