Need a grandparent? Love ghosts? We have a club for that

First-year student Greta Hardy-Mittell learns about some of the weirder and wilder — but no less wonderful — organizations in which Carls can get involved.

Greta Hardy-Mittell '23 Oct. 9, 2019

As a new Carleton student, I was eager to attend the activities fair on Sept. 20 and learn about all that the college’s student groups have to offer. I walked onto the Bald Spot to find it packed with people, tables and posters, and left with my name on email lists for everything from political organizations to swing dance groups to comedy clubs. Along the way, I learned about some of the weirder and wilder — but no less wonderful — organizations in which Carls can get involved.

Ghost Club

Ghosts may be hard to spot, but how couldn’t Ghost Club catch my eye? This nebulous organization screens ghost movies, puts on Halloween events and holds the occasional seance in the Arb. They try not to demand too much of a commitment, because they know that Carleton students are busy and often flit from one club to the next, spirit-like, or ghost certain options altogether.

Adopt a Grandparent

Yes, this CCCE program is exactly what it sounds like! Once a week, students can hop on a bus to a local nursing home and spend some quality time with a senior in need of a friend. Activities include crossword puzzles, coloring or simply having a good chat. Many students get paired with the same elder every year, giving them the chance to form bonds that actually feel like family.


Carleton’s calligraphy club only needed to sport a sign to prove that it’s legit, even though the club is new on the block: it formed last year to provide a space to hang out and practice the art of decorative writing. Anyone is welcome, whether they be experienced or just curious about calligraphy.

Board Game Club

This group does what its name says, not necessarily what it advertises. Falsehoods the representatives told me include: a) they craft their own board games, and b) they exclusively play checkers. From some undercover investigative journalism last Saturday night, I know that not all tables at the activities fair can be trusted.

Apathetic Whittlers

Speaking of groups that may or may not really be who they say they are, this table featured a large block of wood and a pamphlet that read, "If you have an interest in whittling or wood-working, this club is not for you!” When inquired about said pamphlet, the students behind the table claimed to be “just filling in for the people in the green shirts over there.” The green-shirted people simply laughed. Is there really a whittling club? Perhaps I’ll find out in a few weeks, for, as the pamphlet advertises, Miss three club meetings, get one piece of wood free!

Students attend the 2019 Student Activities Fair.
Students attend the 2019 Student Activities Fair.
Photo: Christopher McTaggart '21