Carls Abroad: Kelsey Qu '17

Kelsey Qu '17 shares her favorite moments from the Carleton Economics study abroad program in Cambridge

Laura Westneat Feb. 11, 2016
  • Carls pose at a scenic viewpoint

  • Group photo in front of historic ruins

  • Carls pose for a funny photo in Cambridge

  • The view from a scenic lookout

  • An overhead look at the boats on the River Cam

"I miss hopping over the little black fence at Parker's Piece. I miss the late night runs to Sainsbury's, the frustration at the self-checkout machines, and buying weekly supplies of Ben & Jerry's. I miss the warm summer afternoons at the Orchard Tea Gardens, sharing stories with each other while shooing bees away from our tea and scones. I miss the countless long bus rides around England, Wales, and Scotland, waking up to Janet's voice over the bus intercom. I miss climbing up Arthur's Seat and the breathtaking view as we looked over the city of Edinburgh. I miss punting down the River Cam, the darkness of the coal mines, and the surreal experience of seeing the Roman Baths and Stonehenge. I miss running to catch the train at King's Cross and looking out the train window, wishing that this experience could last forever. I miss Hughes Hall; the late night study sessions, the endless card games, and all the random conversations. I miss wandering around, exploring and getting lost in unfamiliar cities with each other.  

But most of all, I miss seeing our relationships grow as we moved from hostel to hostel, the transition from strangers to close friends by the time we settled into our dorms at Cambridge. Our shared memories and experience abroad created strong bonds and lasting friendships. I owe it to this trip for opening my eyes to the amazing people and places that I would have otherwise missed out on, because now I can't imagine my life without them. Thank you for an absolutely unforgettable summer."