Carls in the Grand Canyon: Wilderness Studies '16

Carls share their experiences on the Wilderness Field Studies spring break trip to the Grand Canyon.

Laura Westneat Apr. 25, 2016
  • Hiking through the CanyonEmma Vinella-Brusher '16

  • Carls enjoying a break while hiking deep through the Grand CanyonEmma Vinella-Brusher '16

  • Posing in front of the vast CanyonEmma Vinella-Brusher '16

  • Campsite in the CanyonEmma Vinella-Brusher '16

  • Senior Kurt Heise '16 looks out over the canyonEmma Vinella-Brusher '16

  • A line of Carls hiking down into the canyonEmma Vinella-Brusher '16

"Backpacking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon was one of those experiences that I think I'll look back on and count as life-changing. What made it so was not only the beauty of the canyon, the amazing friends I made on the trip, or the probably half a jar of nutella I ate--but also the academic context of the trip. Going into the wilderness meant so much more when paired with a deeper understanding of wilderness, which was fostered through the winter term class we took beforehand, as well as our conversations and meetings with NPS officials while at the Canyon." -Lindsay Brandt '17


"It was really great getting to know your fellow classmates and professors in such a special, non-academic setting. Backpacking for four days together is definitely a unique experience, and I feel so lucky to have been able to share it with such a wonderful group of people. It was also incredible getting to experience the park in such a different way from the typical tourist. Not only did we get to venture down into the bottom of the canyon (which only a small percentage of visitors do), but we also got to speak with a number of park administrators who are actually making the decisions with regards to the wilderness experience at the park.” –Emma Vinella-Brusher ‘16