A Trip to Lyndale Farmers Market

Carleton students went to Lyndale Farmers Market for some tasty food.

Charlotte Duong '17 Oct. 12, 2016
  • Visitors can find all kinds of vegetables at the Lyndale Farmers Market.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Products were sold at relatively cheap prices.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Farm produce was often sold in small baskets.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Many kinds of chilies and peppers could be found at the market.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Colorful vegetables.Charlotte Duong '17

  • The market had both winter and tropical fruit.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Beautiful flower bouquets are also sold at the market.Charlotte Duong '17

  • A vendor with a wide variety of vinegar and dipping oil.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Buyers were able to try as many kinds of cheese as they wanted before purchasing.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Handmade bath and body products.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Baked goods.Charlotte Duong '17

  • A vendor with organic coffee.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Caleb Braun ’17 and JordiKai Watanabe-Inouye ’17 could not wait to taste their food.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Caleb Braun ’17 decided to have some bread with cheese.Charlotte Duong '17

  • JordiKai Watanabe-Inouye ’17 got some fresh strawberries for brunch.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Abha Laddha ’17 enjoying her roasted corn.Charlotte Duong '17

Carleton students were given an opportunity to go to the Lyndale Farmers Market near downtown Minneapolis, which is operated by the Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association. The market first opened in 1937 and has become one of the largest year-round farmers markets in the area.

At the Lyndale Farmers Market, students were able to find seasonal produce such as peppers, cauliflowers, potatoes, and various apples. In addition to a wide selection of vegetables, there were farmstead products like poultry, eggs, cheeses, and honey. The market also featured numerous vendors selling freshly made food and hot drinks.

This is the second time the market trip was organized for all Carleton students. It was sponsored using the Metro Access Fund, a program cooperatively funded by Student Activities and the Carleton Student Association, to cover transportation costs for students wishing to attend events in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area.

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