Senior Bucket List: Division Street

Last weekend, Charlotte Duong and Jennifer Kwon completed another item on their Senior Bucket List. The two seniors spent their Saturday exploring downtown Northfield, visiting some popular shops while among students on Division Street.

Charlotte Duong '17 and Jennifer Kwon '17 May 10, 2017
  • Division Street is home to a variety of stores and venues for Carleton students to enjoy.Charlotte Duong '17

  • The Archer House River Inn also houses Chapati, a popular Indian restaurant in Northfield.Camille Sanchez ‘17 (cinema and media studies) really likes the brunch buffet at Chapati “because you get introduced to delicious dishes that you would probably never order otherwise. And since it is a buffet, you really get your money’s worth. So it’s a great place to have something other than dining hall food with your Carleton friends. ”Charlotte Duong '17

  • You'll find a wide variety of cupcakes, tarts and cakes at Cake Walk.“Artsy and delicious cupcakes that make a perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth!”—Maria Wetzel ‘17 (biology) often buys cupcakes from Cake Walk for her friends on special occasions.Charlotte Duong '17

  • In addition to its cafes and restaurants, Division Street offers plenty of shopping.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Tandem Bagel is a popular brunch choice for many Carleton students on the weekends.“I think Tandem Bagels is probably the go-to place for breakfast in town if you are looking for something light and cheap. I usually get the breakfast bagel. Otherwise, I get a kitchen sink bagel with the bacon scallion spread”—Ryan Michael Nillo ‘16 (biology).Charlotte Duong '17

  • There are no Carls who do not know about Goodbye Blue Monday.“Downtown Northfield wouldn’t really be downtown Northfield if there wasn’t a Goodbye Blue Monday Coffeehouse. Besides, I really like the name. If you go there, it’s almost saying goodbye to the blueness of your Mondays or your whole week. And the drinks there are really good!”—Yifan Vicky Wu ‘17 (economics)Charlotte Duong '17

  • You can always find a fellow Carl at the coffee shop, at any time of the day.Goodbye Blue Monday is a popular spot for Carleton students. It has a wide variety of both hot and cold drinks.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Hogan Brothers offers delicious hoagies and soups.They also serve a free half hoagie on customer birthdays, which Kennyi Aouad ‘17 (chemistry) took advantage of. “I got a free hoagie on my birthday, so that was splendid. I don't know what they use for the sandwich dressing (probably Italian salad dressing), but it is addictive.”Charlotte Duong '17

  • Most students love getting ice cream at Hogan Brothers.They have a variety of ice cream flavors, and “one scoop” there usually means three scoops!Charlotte Duong '17

  • It is highly recommended that seniors explore Division Street and all its stores before graduating.Charlotte Duong '17

Before coming to Carleton, new students might be afraid that they won’t find enough to do in Northfield, a small Minnesota town filled with endless cornfields and dairy farms. However, Carls have walking access to Division Street—considered to be the center of downtown Northfield—where they can attend a variety of events or explore local shops and restaurants.

Throughout the year, Division Street hosts several festivals and flea markets, including Crazy Daze in July and Winter Walk in December. One of the most popular events is the Defeat of Jesse James Days, which often happens the weekend after Labor Day. There are parades, art projects, and food vendors, as well as re-enactments of the James-Younger gang's infamous 1876 bank raid attempt.

Division Street is also a hub for many cafes and little shops that students can visit any day of the week. The most popular destinations are often places where Carls can grab a bite with friends on the weekend, treating themselves to something other than food at campus dining halls. Coffee shops are also favored by students for reading or working on their assignments away from Carleton.

However, students do more than just eat a bagel at Tandem or enjoy a nice cup of cappuccino at Goodbye Blue Monday. They can find funny birthday cards and cute Japanese office supplies at The Sketchy Artist or vintage clothing and retro decoration pieces at Antiques of Northfield. There are plenty of cool, cheap buys to discover in many retailers and thrift stores. Northfield might be a small town, but what it can offer makes Carleton students’ experience fun and memorable.


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