Carls Get a Taste of Vietnamese Cuisine at 'What the Pho?'

Tim Viet recently organized "What the Pho?," serving more than 200 bowls of the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup to the Carleton community.

Charlotte Duong '17 May 26, 2017
  • "What the Pho?" is an annual event hosted by Tim Viet.Charlotte Duong '17

  • The broth simmers for up to 8 hours.Charlotte Duong '17

  • The broth's made of beef bones, onions, ginger, daikon and five different spices.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Phuong Nguyen ‘18 has served as president of Tim Viet for two years.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Every year, Tim Viet serves more than 200 small bowls of pho at "What the Pho?"Charlotte Duong '17

  • The vegetarian option includes tofu, mushrooms, and napa cabbage.Charlotte Duong '17

  • The beef option with meatballs is a crowd favorite.Charlotte Duong '17

  • The event attracted a lot of hungry students.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Students enjoying their pho.Nam Anh Nguyen '19

  • Students enjoying their pho.Charlotte Duong '17

  • Students enjoying their pho.Nam Anh Nguyen '19

  • Students enjoying their pho.Nam Anh Nguyen '19

  • The members of Tim Viet had a great time preparing the signature Vietnamese dish.Charlotte Duong '17

Phở is a noodle soup that is widely considered to be the symbol of Vietnamese culture. With the hope of having more Carleton students know aboutand fall in love withthis delicious dish, Tim Viet organized its annual "What the Pho?" event in Cassat Hall earlier this month. Tim Viet’s members have been cooking and serving the noodle soup to the Carleton community for almost 10 years.

Tim Viet is an association of Vietnamese and Vietnamese American students at Carleton. Its mission is to bring awareness of Vietnamese culture to campusand hopefully beyond Northfield. The ten members aim to provide a supportive environment for students who are interested in learning about Vietnamese customs and cuisine.

“Food is a great way of experiencing another culture,” says Phuong Nguyen ‘18, the president of Tim Viet. “It promotes awareness into the Vietnamese culture and identity here on the Carleton campus.”

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