Where Carls Live: Evans Hall

Sophomore Alex Whitis (Eau Claire, Wisc.) talks about what it's like to live in Evans Hall.

Lynn Barbera '19 Jan. 23, 2018
  • Alex welcomes us into his (messy) room!Lynn Barbera

  • Alex's (unmade) bed & crafty decorationsLynn Barbera

  • Carleton desks have to be big to account for all that knowledgeLynn Barbera

  • TVs don't come with every room, but shelves do!

  • Some students bring their own mini fridge because they love eggs

  • Alex's roommate Dawson gets ready for dance class

  • Did you know that the Frisbee is *really important* at Carleton?

  • That famous Evans closet

  • And roommate's closet, for reference

Evans Hall

Alex tells us: "If you’re a sophomore looking to live in a pseudo-castle with great bathrooms, you’re hoping for a draw-in to Evans Hall. Although Evans is kind of an oldie (it was built in 1927), the hall was renovated in 2012—and the best part of those renovations is the gigantic framed historical photos of the original building, basically lining the walls of the building itself. That’s like if I went into your room only to find ten life-sized portraits of you hanging up. Incredible!"

What do students think about Evans?

“It’s like living in a castle”

“It has really nice bathrooms”

“Feels like a big upgrade”

Here are some other important things to know about Evans Hall:

  • Four stories tall, but also has a ground/basement level (a little confusing to navigate at first!)
  • Super big lounges on the ground and first floors with pool tables and foosball
  • Originally a “women’s dorm,” thus it is appropriately named for Margaret Evans, Carleton’s first “Dean of Women”
  • Home to The Cave, Carleton’s student-run music venue
  • Right at the crest of Bell Field, which gives students easy access to sports games in the fall and sledding priority in the winter
  • Closest buildings: Watson Hall, Meyers Hall, Cowling Gymnasium, and the Language & Dining Center (LDC)
  • No first-years live in Evans; mostly sophomores and juniors live in the hall
  • Offers singles, doubles, triples, quads, and quints 


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