Where Carls Live: Cassat Hall

Hiba Jama (Houston, TX) shows us around her single in Cassat Hall, where she also works as a Residential Assistant! 

Lynn Barbera Feb. 22, 2018
  • Hiba studs her wall with copies of Carleton's feminist zine, infemous.

  • A net view of Hiba's closet, complete with a gown for Mid-Winter Ball!

  • Some photos to peer at while she gets dressed line Hiba's wall.

  • Notes from loving friends, inspiration, and body essentials!

  • Our gal's definitely an activist.

  • A seriously beautiful portrait of Hiba given to her by a seriously good friend.

Cassat Hall

If you try to talk to most alumni of Carleton about Cassat Hall, they won’t know what you’re talking about—that’s right, Cassat is a relatively new dorm, added to campus in 2009! Since it is newer, Cassat was built with sustainability in mind and has many energy efficient features—not to mention ceiling fans in each room. Cassat rooms are also tiled, rather than carpeted, allowing for easy cleaning, so you can see your pretty face in the shiny yellow reflection. Another plus about Cassat is its underground tunnel connection to James Hall so you don’t have to go out in the cold to see your upperclassmen friends. More Cassat details:

  • 4 stories tall, with a basement that has beautiful study rooms and a game room
  • Great big lounge and kitchen on the first floor for everyone’s use
  • On the quad surrounding the “mini bald spot,” a green space used for lounging by students anytime the weather rises above forty degrees
  • Closest buildings: Cowling Gymnasium, Myers Hall, James Hall (via underground tunnel!), Nourse Hall, Language & Dining Center (LDC)
  • Mostly first-year students and sophomores, some juniors
  • Offers singles and doubles

Hiba Jama is a sophomore from Houston, Texas. In this brief interview, she talks about working as a Residential Assistant and living in her Cassat single: 

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