Gao Hong and Gus Holley '20 appear on Chinese TV

Chinese Music Ensemble director Gao Hong and student musician Gus Holley '20 recently appeared on Chinese television, following a lecture and performance at the Fujian Quanzhou Art School.



Jul. 10, 2018

The two are currently in Quanzhou, China, along with Lia Spencer '18 and Yiqing Yu '21, thanks to the support of the ASIANetwork's Freeman Student-Fellows Program.

Centered on a research trip to China, their project documents how musicians in the city of Quanzhou maintain and preserve nanyin, a genre of Chinese classical music local to the Fujian province. Working with Gao, the three student participants are improving their Chinese language skills, further developing their musical abilities, transcribeing music, interviewing the local people working to preserve nanyin, and developing a website to document the project. And in Gus' case, also appearing on Chinese national television!