Carlos Gonzales '77 Blessing--Memorial for Tucson Shooting Victims

Created 14 January 2011; Published 17 January 2011

Carlos Gonzales '77, a former Carleton Board of Trustee member and currently an associate professor and medical director at the University of Arizona College of Medicine's Family and Community Medical department, delivered the blessing at the recent memorial in honor of the six victims in the Tucson, Ariz., shooting tragedy.

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The Blessing at the Memorial Service in Tucson, 1/14/11.

Oh Creator, I come to give a blessing, a blessing at this time of disharmony, at this time of disunity. Please after hearing my blessing and my prayers, let us work towards harmony, towards wholeness and balance.

Itom ta’ Achai (Yaqui for Creator, Grandfather Spirit)

Let us begin by honoring the eastern door from where we get visions and guidance. May each of us get the vision and guidance to proceed in a good way.

From the southern door, where we get the energies of the family, please let us honor the families of those that have passed on. Let us honor the families of those that are healing. And also let us honor our own families. Let us remain humble. And also use humor when appropriate. For humor is healing and can help people.

From the western door, please let us honor the sacred ways and our sacred ancestors. For without them we would not be here. Oh, Creator, that is a door through which those that have passed on have walked to the next world. Let us honor them as they passed on. Let us also look within ourselves to see how we can improve and be better human beings.

From the northern door, where we receive challenges and the strength to meet those challenges, let us all receive strength to meet the challenges that face our great country. Please, give us that strength as we proceed.

From Father Sky, where we get the masculine energy, the energy to be responsible, to be respectful and to protect those that need protection. Give us that good energy.

From Mother Earth where we get the feminine energy, give us that energy to nurture and care for those that need it, and also to help those that ask for our help.

Oh, Creator, may the two energies, the masculine energy and the feminine energy, come together in our center where the creator exists, where each of us has a piece of the creator.

Please, you have given us each a gift. May we use these gifts to help our fellow human beings.

Oh, Creator, let us bless the families of those that have lost their loved ones. Let us bless the family of those that are healing. Let us bless those people that are here today. Let us bless those that are outside in greater Tucson, in Arizona and in our country. Let us bless them so that they too can heal from this tragedy that has occurred.

Oh, Creator -- if I may, my son is in Afghanistan. A little blessing to him, too.

Oh, Creator, let us not forget our fellow creatures. Those that stand. Those that blow in the wind. Those that are tall and stately. Those that crawl on the earth. Those that slither on the earth. Those that live under the earth.

Let us remember and bless the winged ones. Those that swim in the waters. The four legged. And also our brothers, the two leggeds that walk throughout this world. When we all come together at this time. And may the words people hear here sink in to their hearts so that they too can heal. So that they too can feel better.

Oh, Creator, Itom ta’ Achai

I ask this humbly. I ask this so that we all can once again achieve harmony and balance in our lives.

Oh, Creator, welcome -- we welcome those people who come to our beloved city here, our beloved city of Chukson or Tucson as it's known. Welcome here and please bless each and every one here.

And with that, I would like to end my blessing-

To all my relations.

Ehui (Yaqui for “I have spoken, so be it!”)

Copyright C-SPAN, 2011. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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