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Session Information and Videos

Information and video of sessions offered at the 2011 Reason Conference.

  • Multipage Disco

    Luther has just completed their admissions application using the multipage disco framework. Explore using the form controller in this session.
  • Useful But Little Known Administrative Tools

    There are a variety of administrative modules that can be quite useful, but aren't necessarily fully (or obviously) exposed in the Reason administrative interface. This sessions aims to help you make the most of some of these tools.
  • Reason Roadmap

    An outline of the current Reason Roadmap and discussion about what should and should not be included.
  • Using APIs in Modules - Introducing the Standalone API

    Reason 4 introduces a flexible API system - and implements the standalone api for all modules. This session will introduce the API framework and demonstrate how the standalone API can be used with jQuery to enhance add AJAX enhancements to a module.
  • Discussion - Identifying Reason Pain Points

    Open discussion and exploration of Reason "pain points." The intent is to create a document which ranks the worst "pain points" in Reason.
  • Select This! Exploring the Reason Entity Selector

    Despite its importance, many people struggle with the Entity Selector class. This is the gripping, heartbreaking tale of how I learned to stop worrying and love $es. We'll cover basic usage, best practices, and a little voodoo.
  • Introducing Features - A Nifty Tool

    Reason 4 introduces support for features - a way to highlight images or videos with text overlays, presented as an individual frame or as a slideshow.
  • Opening Session - Introduction and Show & Tell

    Introductions and show and tell of something each school has done with Reason CMS.
  • Publications 201

    There are many ways to set up and use Reason's publication type. This session is aimed at those who have used Reason publications, but want to learn how to use some of the less common publication page types.
  • Responsive Web Design

    How can you make your existing site play well with mobile devices? Responsive Design, that's how! This session will explore the basic concepts of Responsive Design that can help to get your Reason site responding with the best of them.
  • Geolocation in Reason

    Learn about the new geolocation features in Reason.
  • Understanding and Using Page and Object Caching

    Reason supports caching at the page level as well as an object caching system that can speed up modules. This session introduces you to both types of caching and helps you understand how and why to use these features.
  • Shared End-User Documentation discussion/planning

    We all have our own documentation for our end users. Discuss a joint project for developing a shared documentation resource.
  • Content Roundtable

    Share strategies, training techniques, favorite page types, etc.
  • Using Git