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Reason 4.4 - TinyMCE status

August 15, 2013 at 5:12 pm
By nwhite

Reason 4.4 ships with TinyMCE as the default WYSIWYG editor. We have bundled two plugins, contained in one file:

  • Reasonimage - Currently feature complete with Loki.
  • Reasonlink - Currently only handles links to pages.

The image plugin performs quite a bit better than Loki's image chooser, and works well on sites with thousands of images. We use a clever caching scheme that only refreshes the JSON if some image on the site is added or modified.

The link plugin currently allows links only to pages. Links to the other resources Loki currently can link to will be coming in future versions.

While the TinyMCE plugins may be preferred by some, you can of course set REASON_DEFAULT_HTML_EDITOR in reason_settings.php to loki_2 in order to use Loki 2 as your default. You may also assign either TinyMCE or Loki 2 to sites on a site-by-site basis by making a relationship between the site and an HTML editor in the master admin site.

There are some known issues with TinyMCE 4 and the plugins that we hope to address. If you identify bugs with the plugins, please post them on the Reason CMS github issues list. If you identify bugs with TinyMCE itself, post to the TinyMCE tracker.

Here are a few of the known items we'll be working on:

  • Additional CSS work / better use of screen real estate
  • TinyMCE list boxes do not jump down based on keypresses (see feature request #6197 - and vote it up!)
  • Reason link tool should support more content types
  • Option to "open in new window" could should be added
  • Paste processing hooks should be used to do some cleanup of pasted content - they disappeared in the switch to TinyMCE 4 (see feature request #6110 - and vote it up!)



  • August 15 2013 at 10:02 pm
    Matt Ryan

    I am conflicted about "Open in new window", as many content maintainers abuse it. If there is some way to hide it so it is there when needed but it is not constantly beckoning people to use it (kind of like how it is in Loki 2) I think that would be ideal.


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