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Setup and Settings

Setting up and configuring Reason is getting easier and easier with each release.

When you download Reason, read the file README.TXT which will help you setup a few initial symlinks. Then, run in your browser. It will do its best to prompt you for what you need to do to get Reason up and running.

Setting Up Reason CMS

Each version of Reason is distributed with a README.TXT file. This file contains detailed information about setting up and configuring Reason.

Settings File Location 

Reason settings are located within a single folder that consists of various files. The folder is within the reason_package directory: /reason_package/settings/

Getting Started with Reason Settings 

In order for the settings to be properly loaded, the reason_package directory must be part of the include path (probably set in php.ini). 

The file reason_package/paths.php indicates the location of the package_settings.php file, which includes a constant SETTINGS_INC that indicates the settings directory.

It is generally a good idea to make a copy of the settings/ directory at settings_local/. Reason will look there first, and it will allow you to manage your settings without committing them to version control if you don't wish to.

Individual settings are explained within the various settings files, and the reason install documentation also provides information on particular settings. While first setting up reason, you will need to edit package_settings.php and reason_settings.php, and while not essential in a literal sense, you'll thank yourself if you also edit error_handler_settings.php.

Error Handler Settings

Getting the error handler setup properly is very important to debugging problems with Reason. We recommend having display errors turned off in your php.ini file. Regardless of the display_errors php setting, if you are using Reason's error handling you will see much more helpful, verbose error messages, and in many cases, see them onscreen instead of being redirected to the Reason "error" page.

It is difficult to debug problems in Reason without having the error handler properly setup.

The error handler settings file (error_handler_settings.php) defines an array $GLOBALS['_DEVELOPER_INFO']. To add yourself, define the array like this:

array('reason_username' => array('email' => '', 'ip' => ''))