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Reason Roadmap

The roadmap is determined collaboratively by the Reason CMS Steering Committee, a group that meets bi-annually at Reason CMS hack/doc events.

  • Reason 5

    Priority items for future Reason CMS releases
  • Reason 4.7

    Expected release: February 2016
  • Reason 4.6

    Due August 2015
  • Reason 4.5

    Key updates & features of Reason 4.5 include responsive design, video integration, and SEO improvements, along with many other improvements & enhancements.
  • Reason 4.4

    Version 4.4 provided numerous improvements, including TinyMCE as default WYSIWYG editor, JQuery based form creator, and tableless box class.
  • Reason 4.3

    Version 4.3 added integration with Kaltura for seamless video upload / playback and added Google Analytics integration to the administrative interface.
  • Wishlist

    Provides a laundry list of possible enhancements / changes / plans for Reason that aren't assigned yet to a particular upcoming version.