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  • Student Organization Fair 2014

  • Student Organization Fair 2014

  • Christian Kreznar '16, Isaac Garfinkle '17, and Emily Clark '17 of Lenny Dee, a sketch comedy group.

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CSA Senate amended the CSA Bylaws!

Here's the amendment:

(Changes are in bold

Amend Article III CSA Financial Regulations Section 4 CSA Funds to read:

F. The Treasurer's Discretionary Fund allows for the Treasurer to have some leeway in awarding funding to those everyday events or ordinary operations that happen on campus without necessarily engaging in the CSA bureaucratic apparatus.

1. The Treasurer’s Discretionary fund is composed of the following funds in addition to the principal one:

a. Senate Fund is reserved to fund all Senate operations and outreach. The Treasurer shall only spend from this fund at the request of the President or Vice President.

b. Alt-Bev Fund primarily funds non-alcoholic beverages or food for events or registered parties that are open to the entire campus. The Alt-Bev fund may also support advertising costs at $5.

2.The Treasurer may also use the principal fund on an as-needed basis to allocate funding for food and/or beverages that would (a) not ordinarily be funded by budget committee, or (b) be too small a request as to warrant the time.

3. The Treasurer must provide a record of spending from the Treasurer's Discretionary Fund to the CSA Senate and Budget Committee on a monthly basis. The Treasurer must also make available the record to the entire school online once a term in the financial status of the CSA.

4. CSA Budget Committee shall require a chartered organization’s presence at one of its meetings once the group has made three or more requests of the Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund in a year.

5. If anyone suspects the Treasurer of impropriety, the President and the Vice

President or a majority of Senate may convene a Subcommittee on Financial Misconduct chaired by the Vice President to investigate the Treasurer.

Questions? Email CSA President Marielle Foster or CSA Treasurer Ben Strauss.



The results of the Winter 2015 CSA Officer and Class Representative Elections are in!

View them here!




The NEW CSA Senate logo (pictured above) was designed by Robert Yeagle '15 and was unanimously approved by CSA Senate on February 9, 2015. 


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