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Meeting Minutes

September 19th, 2005

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President C.J. Griffiths, Vice President Jim Watkins, Treasurer Laura Monn, Senators Alejandro Mendoza, Trevor Burnham, Scott Konzem, Ben Egerman, Brittany Larson, Mathias Bell, Katie Magoon, Dana Hagengruber, Admire Kuchena, Wendy Noel, Tim Singer, Byron White, John Smith-Ricco, Cherise Jones, David Wiczer, Adviser Robin Hart Ruthenbeck
  • Absent: Senators Rivka Burstein-Stern, Ali Khaki
  • Secretary: Signe Swenson

Griffiths opened the meeting by reporting on a conference that he attended. He also reported on a meeting he had about the one card system this past weekend. Also had a meeting with the Library about extending hours. Those he spoke to were receptive and will discuss the possibility further. Watkins reported about the all-campus email. Konzem discussed a meeting he had with President Oden where he was updated on the middle school purchase, budget meetings with the college council and hurricane Katrina efforts. Monn also spoke about the budget committee meeting.

Budget Requests

Two budget requests were made by ETB. ETB would like to host two directors to hold a open weekend workshop. Motion to approve bid was made. Request was voted upon and passed. 13-0 no abstentions.

Rugcutters requested funds to provide for a van to attend a Lindy-hop workshop. Motion was made to approve bid. Bid was voted upon and passed. 13-0 one abstention.

Rugcutters also requested funds for a swing dance convention on campus. They were told to ask St. Olaf to help fund this. Motion to amend their bid to 830 dollars. Seconded. Bid was voted upon, and passed 14-0.

Carleton Progressive made a request for fall term funding of $33. Motion to approve, seconded. Request was voted upon and passed.

Watkins reported that the STAND charter was refused until changes in wording of their charter were made. The Gender Neutral Cheer boys are requesting a charter. Ruthenbeck added an anecdote about a NSW skit that prompted the creation of the group. Motion to approve the charter was seconded. Voting occurred. Vote passed. 14-0 no abstentions.

Robin Hart Ruthenbeck reported about the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Campus Activites has had success with the new prices of CO-OP bus tickets. She is also working on managing bake sales and a policy that will prevent the breaking of health codes.


Ben Egerman reported on the PR committee. Bulletin Board has been filled and he informed the senate of plans for floor signs about study break senators to be distributed around the dorms.

Study breaks were discussed. Problems with scheduling were made known. The CSA table at the Activities Fair was discussed, as to its absence, and apologies were made. Byron White made a request that the minutes reflect the appearance of B. Rizzle in Sayles was not his own idea. The applications for open senate seats were discussed. Many, many applications were recieved. Tim Singer explained to the group plans for articles in the Carletonian in which Senators write pieces about current issues. Bulletin board suggestions for improvements such as new picutres or a more functional use for the board were made and noted by those on the PR committee.

New York Times

Griffiths discussed the current process of New York Times distribution by Senators in the rack in Sayles weekday mornings. Wendy Noel asked to have a regular schedule put in place. Senators volunteered and everyone was happy.

Hurricane Katrina efforts

Singer informed of the ad hoc committee's attendance of the meeting held last week and the planned carnival and music event in the bald spot . Singer also spoke of plans to ask all groups funded by CSA to help in some way. Also, a request was made for all Senators to show up and offer help where ever they would like. The first tier of the senate’s plan was to help with logistics and the second tier would be to donate money to an organization to provide hurricane relief. Singer requested that funds in the range of $1000 to $2000 be designated despite the budget concerns, as to spending money outside of the school. Questions of intended audience and targets or goals of funds were raised. Ruthenbeck confirmed that the carnival would be community based and Singer added that the sky is the limit for the goals. Wendy Noel noted that groups that cannot attend the carnival have opportunities to table during the week. Griffiths pointed out to the group that monetary concerns of Hurricane Katrina are not going to go away soon, in fact they were going to become greater. Ruthenbeck discussed the possibility of AWARE’s donations to non-profit organizations in affected areas run by alumni. She also added that the group is looking at long-term concerns as well as immediate help.


Byron White spoke about a student who returned to campus after the summer and was disoriented being on campus again and presented the idea of a student “reorientation.” Ruthenbeck noted that the sophomore year is the hardest year for students and some schools have programs to help students and there is the possibility of a program here. She also noted that there would be a challenge of attendance and a more passive or peer-to-peer approach would be a better way. Monn noted the lack of contact between the school and returning students about the first week schedule. Ruthenbeck said she would speak with the Dean of the College’s office on this issue. John Smith Ricco suggested the possibility of a publication for returning students. Katie Magoon suggested a class social or class competitions to bond each class, not just the sophomore class. White pointed out this could be discussed by the Committee on Student Life.

Scheduling for senator candidate interviews was discussed.

Meeting was adjurned at approximately 8:15pm.