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Meeting Minutes

October 30th, 2006

  • Location: Sayles Hill 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President Jim Watkins, Vice President John Smith-Ricco, Treasurer Peter Fritz, Brittany Larson, Jason Malashevich, Tricia England, Evan Rowe, Ben Barclay, Romeo Chichirau, Erica Martinez, Yirong Zhu, Love Anani, Marquita Davis, Rich Majerus
  • Absent: Elizabeth Gray, Yusi He, Marshall McDonald, Ali Khaki, Kelly Carlin, Brandon Walker,
  • Guests: Dean Joe Baggot
  • Secretary: Signe Swenson

Call to order


Officer Reports

Nothing to report



STAND requested $100 to attend a national day of action. The funding would cover transportation. BC recommended a full bid. Senators approved the bid.

The YBC requested $370 for tools to repair yellow and white bikes. A full bid was recommended. Senators approved the bid.

Women in Economics requested funding for a dinner with a faculty member and 20 students. A full bid was recommended. Senators approved the bid.

SaGA requested $945 in funding to attend a conference. The breakdown of the request was $237 for accomodation, $108 for transportation, and $600 for registration. Much discussion occurred at Budget Committee. A bid of $512 ultimately was recommended by BC.

Senators opened up the floor for discussion. Dominic Vendell stated that the conference is close to campus and will be worth while for the queer community and would be a great experience for the group. Senators discussed the costs of the trip and the conference guideline. Davis asked senators what their thoughts were on the guideline. Anani made the motion to amend the bid to $900 reflecting $150 per person for 6 people. Senators voted and approved the amendment. Senators voted and approved the bid. Members discussed the wording of the guidelines.

The Carleton Democrats requested $98 to pay for set up fees for Amy Klobuchar to speak at Carleton and to provide transportation from dorms to polling places in Northfield on election day. BC discussed whether or not Amy Klobuchar was coming to campus as a speaker or if she was stopping by on her campaign trail. BC recommended a full bid. Senators approved the bid.

The IRC requested $100 for an International cheese tasting event. A full bid was recommended by BC. Senators voted and approved the bid.

Mock Trial requested $400 to attend the Macalester invitational. They secured funding of about $600 from the Dean of Students office. BC recommended a full bid. Barclay opened discussion of the request stating he doesn't feel comfortable funding food for the event. Barclay made the motion to amend the bid to $80 to not fund food for the event. England shared that the the DoS does not fund food as they have cut their budgets. Anani voiced his support of Barclay's motion. The motion was made to table the request. Barclay stated he doesn't think Senate should table the request. Smith-Ricco also stated he doesn't support a table as all groups know they should attend Senate meetings. Senators voted and did not support tabling the bid. Smith-Ricco pointed out that other academic teams find ways to provide food more economically when funding is not available. Members discussed potential funding issues associated with academic team requests. Motion was made to call to question. Senators voted on the motion made to amend the bid to $80 but it did not pass. The motion was made to amend the bid to $ . Barlcay stated that he thinks the groups should have to cut funds somewhere and the student activity and our tuition through the DoS should not fund food. Anani made the motion to table the request so that Mock trial can come back to BC with a better proposal. Senators voted and the request was tabled.

Senators returned to a request tabled last week. KSA requested funding to rent speakers for a dance held in Sayles. KSA had intended to use the speakers they rented for the event but a fuse blew and they used the speakers from Campus Activities. They couldn't refund the costs of the speakers because they were rented. The speakers from Campus activities were rented for a private party thrown by a member of the same group who rented the speakers for the dance. Fritz stated that he doesn't think the person responsible for the private party speakers should be held responsible for the cost of the rented speakers. Anani stated that the explanation provided was good. Senators voted and approved the bid.

Old Business

Joe Winegardner spoke at the meeting about the incident involving a manager striking a full time employee. Winegardner stated he takes the incident very seriously and action took place immediately after the event. He found out about the incident through a voicemail 3 days after the event. Immediately he phoned his district manager. Later that day he attempted to contact the employee but could not reach him. The manager was removed from campus immediately after the incident was made known. The district manager came down to investigate the incident with Winegardner. The next step is to inform Carleton's human resources department about what they found out about the event. He stated that they would like to speak with the college's administration before taking any final action with the manager. Winegardner stated that while he is taking the incident very seriously, he does not want to make any snap judgements.

Senators asked questions of Winegardner. The affected employee has returned to work. The manager has not been on campus and they hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible. He thought that the incident was serious enough to warrant bringing a human resources personel from the district office though usually he would conduct investigations. Winegardner stated that in his time at Carleton, an incident like this has never come to his attention.

Sam Hendricks spoke with senators about the Algol. Because senate gave the Algol money early on in the year, the publishing company Taylor gave them interest on the money they paid for over $300. Anani asked when the books from last year will be given out. They hope to get the books out this term. They will be available in Sayles tomorrow and Thursday.

This Saturday the Cereal Bowl will take place and the Carleton and St. Olaf senate liaisons are putting together a tailgaiting event. They will provide cider and coffee and Malt-O-Meal will provide cereal. They need volunteers to staff the table. Senators volunteered to help out.

Based on feedback of senators, Watkins presented the changes to the election of senators. Fritz gave an overview of the proposed changes. There are two sets of changes. One is the addition of a liaison to the Admissions and Financial Aid committee. The second is to rethink the at-large senators. They are proposing to divide the residential areas on campus into 11 areas. There will be one more liaison senator and one less residential senator. People can run for any area representation position no matter where they live. Fritz stated that senators will be more accountable and more accessible to students on campus. They propose to eliminate chartering, dining, task force, ITS and PR committees but instead incorporate them into other committees or in the case of task force, use ad hoc committees instead. They would then add a crepe committee and chairperson, the college accountability committee, a PR coordinator (one senator will be responsible), and an Office of Intercultural life liaison.

Anani suggested that the liaison to the Office of Intercultural life be a liaison to all offices in the basement of Scoville. Watkins pointed out that this will localize the elections. The elections will also be moved to fall term. Watkins stated that the overall goal is to hold the senate to higher standards. Committee positions would be appointed as they are now but there would be only one position for each senator. Those off-campus would not have a representative. Barclay proposed adding an off-campus representative. Fritz and Watkins agreed and thus it was added. Davis asked if the college accountability will be called upon when needed or if they will keep in contact with the college. Barclay stated they will submit a state of the student body to the Carletonian to be published for students as well as deal with issues as they arise. Freshman involvement was discussed. Smith-Ricco wondered out loud if it would work to have freshmen allowed to run fall term as it would make elections more competitive.

Fritz ran through the specific changes to the bylaws. Rowe made the motion to do a straw poll to see who supported the changes. Larson made the motion to divide the proposed changes into smaller sections. Senators voted and approved the motion. There is a provision for election committee to address issues every year. England stated that she believes these changes would politicize the process more than it is and more than it needs to be. Members discussed the point of dividing the campus into residential districts and the benefits and disadvantages of it. Smith-Ricco stated he thinks that as it stands now, name recognition is enough to get elected while the proposed changes would require candidates to speak to their potential constituents. Smith-Ricco made a friendly amendment to remove all wording that would prevent freshmen from running in fall elections. The motion was made to post the proposed changes. Anani made a friendly amendment to put all offices in the basement of Scoville as part of the liaison position. Senators voted and approved the posting of the bylaws covering liaison and committee changes. Posting was approved. Senators asked if the changes could be advertised to students. It will be done. Senators approved the posting of election changes to the website.

MAPCS will be holding a conference at Gustavus Adolfus College in St. Peter, MN this weekend and Watkins stated that it is possible he will not be able to attend. He asked if a senator would volunteer to attend.

Anani presented the results of the sound system evaluation. The mini system fuctions, and two systems do not function much at all. There are not enough working parts between the two systems to make a functional system and they are over 10 years old. It is recommended that CSA purchase another system for Campus Activities. Anani shared information about the system they would like to purchase and that they will try to scrap the broken system to get some money back. They would like to get the new speaker system by next term.

Martinez shared that at College Council they discussed sustainability and the survey and evaluation that will occur this year. The students will be able to participate in the evaluation. Anani spoke at the meeting about public performance spaces. The curriculum review will be completed in fall 2008 and they will be asking for student input in the winter.

Meeting adjourned.