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Meeting Minutes

February 12th, 2007

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President Jim Watkins, Vice President John Smith-Ricco, Treasurer Peter Fritz, Brandon Walker, Tricia England, Yusi He, Tim Foran, Ben Barclay, Jason Malashevich, Romeo Chichirau, Evan Roe, Marquita Davis, Love Anani, Ali Khaki, Marshall MacDonald, Emma Cohen, Elizabeth Gray, Richard Majerus, Alec Roman, Yirong Zhu
  • Absent: Kelly Carlin
  • Guests: Director of Carleton Bookstore David Schlosser, Associate Dean of Students William (Bucky) Zietz
  • Secretary: Paula Wright

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

Two students were presented for at-large positions on the Constitutional Review Board committee. Senators voted and approved the appointments.

Director of the Carleton Bookstore David Schlosser presented on the state of the Bookstore to the Senate for the first time in five years. Schlosser explained that the bookstore is in a period of transition. The bookstore has finished in the red for the past four years. Sales have been declining due to students purchasing textbooks outside of the bookstore, declining sales of general reading books, internal competition, and loss of computer sales. Proposed changes include remodeling and having a convenience store open for later hours. Schlosser asked the student body and academic departments to consider giving their business to the bookstore before looking outside of campus, as well as for support and ideas.

Senators commented on students’ interest in the bookstore expanding to include more clothing selections, audio and video options, and extended hours.

England inquired after the future of the bookstore if it should continue to operate in the red. Schlosser speculated that the college might lease out the space to a Barnes and Noble type company.

Associate Dean of Students William (Bucky) Zietz presented on future housing expansions and developments on behalf of Residential Life and the Board of Trustees. The college is trying to stabilize student enrollment to 1,920 students, but while there are currently 1970 students enrolled, the college is also looking to unpack the residence halls. Future plans include to put more lounges in residence halls, eliminate smaller houses that are not cost-efficient, allocate stadium apartments for college athletic staff, and renovate Evans, Musser, Myers, and Burton.
Dean Zietz requested input from the student body on their ideas for optimal residential living.

Khaki requested more appealing options for students on the east side of campus. Gray commented that students were attracted to the option of living on campus but being off-board. Watkins and MacDonald commented on appeal of having a common space in larger capacity rooms. Anani requested that residential kitchens no longer be constructed next to bathrooms. Davis requested more quiet living options for sophomores.

Dean Zietz also presented on the areas the college is considering for new developments and again asked for student input. Potential areas for construction include near the Rec Center, the mini bald spot, rebuilding over the Cowling lot, replacing townhouses, or constructing a North Musser.

Barclay commented that a building near Parish house would be appealing to students in the future, with the opening of the new Arts Center. Gray requested that buildings not be constructed over the lower arb.

Fritz inquired, on a different note, after the board’s decision that future hall directors have Masters degrees, and why the student body was not approached for input before this decision. Dean Zietz responded that the new requirement was based on the idea that hall directors would have more professional training to enable them to serve in other campus offices.

Committee Reports

Smith-Ricco reported that the Chartering Committee met to discuss charters and had four charters to recommend for approval.

A representative from the Carls for Life group inquired after the status of the group’s charter. Smith-Ricco explained that the Carls for Life charter was not approved as the group had a mechanism for removing members from the group.

The CC recommended CSA to charter the Slow Food Carleton Convivium. The group would promote issues of bio-diversity, sustainability, and production. Senators voted and approved the charter.

The CC recommended a charter for the Northfield Riders Association. The group strives to encourage and support student interest in recreational winter sports. Senators voted and approved the charter.

The Chartering Committee recommend a charter for the Leisure and Dining Club. A member of the group, Smith-Ricco explained, has commented that they were unsure whether the club would do much, but was confident that they would have a strong membership base. The group would endeavor to allow students to properly enjoy dining by bringing class and tablecloths to the dining hall experience. Senators voted and the charter was approved.

A charter was recommended for the Salsa and Latin Dance club, an organization formed to promote Salsa and other forms of Latin dance on campus. Senators voted and approved the charter.

Watkins commented that the CSA and all organizations it charters must be open to all students on campus.

Treasurer’s Report

Fritz made a report on the CSA’s accounts.

Budget Committee Report

The Carleton Democrats requested $60 for a trip to the state Capitol. Senators voted and approved the bid.

Carleton juggling fish requested $439 to replace old equipment. Senators voted and approved the bid.

Habitat for Humanity requested $8,060 to fund the student Spring Breakaway trips. Senators voted and approved the bid.

DESI requested $150 for a cultural night. Senators voted and approved the bid.

CANOE requested $1,497 for costs associated with student transportation to the Book Across the Bay event. Senators voted and approved the bid.

The Carleton Robotics Team requested $900 to send six students to a robotics competition. Senators voted and approved the bid.

The Watson/Myers/Nourse HCB requested $1,250 to hold a casino night. A motion was made by Barclay to open the item for discussion. Senators discussed reasons for funding the event. Senators voted and approved the bid.

Carleton Rugcutters requested $140 for entry fees and transportation to an event in Minneapolis.
Senators voted and approved the bid.

Sola Scriptura requested $200 in honoraria funds for speaker Fred Somners. Senators voted and approved the bid.

The Carleton Chess Club requested $39 for a USCF membership necessary for entry to a tournament. Senators voted and approved the bid.

JSC requested $82 for funding for the Jewish Boys Night In, Girls Night In, and Bowling with the Jews. A $62 recommendation was made by the BC as the food for the events could be funded through Alt. Bev. Senators voted and approved the bid.

The IRC requested $3,300 to fund costs associated with an open-campus dinner and honoraria funding for the upcoming Eyes on Africa forum. Motion made to open for discussion. Senators questioned a representative from the IRC about other events on campus that day and on alternative funding options. Senators voted and approved the bid.

BSA requested $500 in honoraria to bring Chef Warren to campus. Senators voted and approved the bid.

Old Business

Anani reported that the delivery of the speakers has been delayed.

Attendance Issue

Senator Malashevich explained that his three absences from Senate were due to illness and work conflicts. Senators voted not to impeach Malashevich.

Meeting adjourned at 8:39