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Meeting Minutes

March 26th, 2007

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President Tim Singer, President Peter Fritz, Treasurer Rebecca Bartram, Evan Rowe, Liv Killeen, Tim Foran, Syed Sadaf Sultan, Peter Ladner, Ali Khaki, Love Anani, Marshall McDonald, Kelly Carlin, Alex Popper, Brandon Walker, Yirong Zhu, Marquita Davis, Elizabeth Gray
  • Guests: Sam Friedman, Dean Joe Baggot
  • Secretary: Paula Wright

Call to Order


Singer welcomed new and returning senators and made announcements on the upcoming structure of senate meetings. Each Sunday, the agenda will be sent to senator’s inboxes, so if anyone would like to be on the agenda they should email Singer before then. As well, “Roberts Rules of Order” will continue to be used to run meetings.

Officer Reports

Singer stated that after discussion with senators and officers, the body has decided to structure upcoming meetings so that each meeting will have a theme. Themes will be selected from senate discussions or outside campus activities. Survey questions will be posted on the CSA web-site, and senators will table during Crepe stand hours in order to gather input from students before Senate discusses the issue.

Fritz announced that the budget committee recommendations would also be included in the all-campus email. He also reminded senators that the Chartering committee was abolished this term and the duties have been transferred to the Governance committee.

Bartram stated that the Budget committee is looking to expedite the BC discussion during senate meetings, and that Spring Allocations will be held in the same format as last year.

Committee Assignments

Singer stated that as of this term, all senators will have two committee assignments, one on a senate committee and one a project committee. Officers made the assignments to the committees based on the individual meetings with senators. Some vacancies remain, which need to be filled by the open senator-at-large positions.

Zhu commented that he has been working for the past two terms with CSL but was not assigned to the committee for this term. Singer replied that Zhu will stay on the committee, and that Ladner will join the committee as well. Davis stated she would like to stay on BC.

A motion was made to approve the appointments. Senators voted and approved the committee appointments.

Singer stated that the appointments will be published on the CSA web-site within the coming week, along with the open student at large positions.

Term projects discussions

Singer requested the senators to choose three of the potential term projects by the next meeting and to discuss project ideas with students. Three to five senators will be assigned to each project and then will report on the issues. The projects committees will work together with existing committees. Project ideas include:

Wireless improvement
Dining contract
CSA web-site, improvements and adding the weekly survey
Club sports, PE requirement, and trainer availability
New Student Week and acquainting freshmen with Senate organization and activities
Sustainability initiatives
East Side Social Spaces, including improving the Cave liquor license
Career center
Gaming machines
Love bus
Exam week and self-scheduling

Singer requested senators’ input on the list. Rowe stated that Northfield community members had taken initiative to enact a parental housing ordinance which would limit the number of non-related residents/renters to three people. Rowe and Gray remarked that the Senate should work to stop the ordinance, as it would effect many Carleton students living both on and off campus.

Gray asked for clarification on the standing of the $30,000 that former treasurer Fritz discovered in previous accounting errors. Fritz stated that in accordance with the bylaws the money is not accessible through the budget committee, as it not allocated to any particular purpose. Gray suggested that the funds should be used to purchase a swing set or create an endowment for the student body. Anani stated that the money should be spent before the class of 2007 graduates as it was created in part through their activity fees. Singer suggested that the $30,000 issue to be added to the list of term projects.

Ladner suggested that a senator should city council meetings, and that senate should assess what function senators could serve at the meetings.

Popper stated he was interested in beginning the process of encouraging and fitting Northfield businesses to accept One Cards.

Continuing New Business

Gray and Rowe volunteered to interview students for the two vacant senate seats and intercampus liaison. All open seats are for one term.

Khaki suggested that the senate launch an ad campaign for re-read bins in order to limit paper waste in the College Readership Program.

Minutes approved.

Meeting adjourned with a vote at 7:53.