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Meeting Minutes

September 30th, 2002

  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: Luke Hasskamp, President, Blaine Eubanks, Vice President, Greg Martin, Treasurer, Dr. Chuck Ansell, Chuk Kittredge, Greg Rafert, Alex Cook, Scott Kleinheksel, Dodd Sadeghi, Seth Cooper, Reid Koester, Dean Shaffer, Dave Gold, Jessica Kumar, Becca Stark, Anya Karasik, Brett Landis, Erin Williams, Hudson Kingston, Ainsley LeSure, Carey Tinkelenberg
  • Guests: Robin Hart, Senate Advisor
  • Secretary: Ann Deming

Meeting Called to Order by Pres. Hasskamp (7:00pm)

September 23rd Minutes Approved

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer Martin
    • The budget has been figured out, and stands as follows:
                         Per Term        Per year
      Cap. Reserves - 116,317
      Honoraria 11,000 33,000
      Spec. Allocations 6,500 19,500
      SLOF 2,500 7,500
      DIF 6,000 18,000
      Alt. Bev. 1,666 5,000
      3rd Center 1,666 5,000
    • Hasskamp: How much does Algol get? Martin: $21,000
  • Vice President Eubanks
    • This week was spent working on student group mailboxes. An email was sent to the groups/clubs announcing their completion.
    • The budget committee met last Thursday to get things sorted out. Budget cuts will be coming.
  • President Hasskamp
    • College Council met last week-Common time is under review
    • Pres. Oden borrowed Luke's New York Times
    • Senate and Committee Appointments
  • Motion moved, seconded, and approved to accept Carey Tinkelenberg and Dodd Sadeghi as CSA senators
  • An appointment to EAC is under review-a person cannot have "one-term" standing, it must be a year long appointment

Committee Reports

  • Charter-Hart asked for more packets be printed and put in the Campus Activities office
  • CSL-Will meet at 5pm Tuesdays in Hill lounge
  • EAC-No meeting held
  • ECC-Will meet at 4:30 on Wednesdays in Olin 103
  • Governance-No meeting held
  • PR-Helped with committee interviews, no meeting planned yet
  • TF-Meeting mix-up this past week, will now meet on Sundays at 8pm (Location?)
    • Items under discussion: Laundry (cards and card machines are still in Chicago), Swing set, Harmful bugs around campus (beetles in dorms, wasps in Willis, bees around campus)
  • St. Olaf-Katie, the St. Olaf liaison will be here next week. St. Olaf holds their senate meetings on Thursdays at 6:30pm
    • Kleinheksel will work on the St. Olaf-Carleton bulletin board
    • St. Olaf-Carleton senate bowling will happen October 15th, Reply to Kleinheksel if you would like to attend
    • Hart: The Love Bus schedule needs revision, specifically the Target pick-up/drop-off times
  • Budget-Approval of Budget summary
    • Discussion
  • Sailing club-will not be making an appeal, they can pay individually if they choose to take more trips, or apply for more money at a later date. Hart-college drivers are a necessity, she will talk to the club about liability
  • The Cave-Appeal made for the full $1000. The cave has enough in its budget to pay, but will have to request money from senate later in the term-The show will happen, it's just a matter of whether or not senate gives the Cave money now or later. Advertising is already in the Cave budget and is already covered. Motion mode, seconded, and approved (13-4-2) to give the cave the full $1000.
    • Budget recommendations pass: motion made, seconded, and approved (16:1:2)

New Business

  • Tabling recommendations
  • Hasskamp: 3a, 4a, and during convocation in Sayles
  • Williams: Dining Halls and extra suggestion box
  • In the Chapel after Convocation
  • Motion: Regardless of time/place, senators should table at least two times per term. Motion seconded, passed
  • Motion made to delegate tabling to Hasskamp, motion seconded, passed
  • Cook: Low turnout for committee appointments, we need to advertise more
  • LeSure: Is there an election committee? Hasskamp: There will be one formed closer to election time
  • Hart: Campus Activities is in charge of Inaugural Ball decorations and would like the help of Senate
  • Hasskamp: Tickets will be handed out for Inauguration October 14th and 15th (not sure about the dates)

Motion made, seconded, and approved for adjournment (8:20pm)