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Meeting Minutes

October 25th, 2004

  • Time: 7:08 pm
  • Present: Seth Cooper, president, Andrew Evans, Vice President, Lilly Shields, treasurer, Abhinab Basnyat, CJ Griffiths, George Kachergis, Nate Law, Jumal Lewis, Alejandro Mendoza, Jesse Moreno, Andrew Navratil, Sara Ganaha, Dan Rubenstein, Colin McLain, Brandon Sun, Kilang Yanger, Jim Watkins
  • Absent: David Wiczer, Cole Zimmerman, Ben Olsen, Becca Stark

Senate came to order at 7:08

BC had no reports.

Chartering had no reports.

Governance found their 3rd student at large appointment.

Move to approve passed unanimously.

Governance voted unanimously that retroactive funding is money that has been spent before Senate has approved the request. They also recommended that BC stress the need for final senate approval on requests. They discussed committee appointments, and found that the constitutional review board is supposed to meet fall term.

EAC discussed Carleton joining Campus Ecology, a group for the national wildlife federation. They also determined that they should be involved with building designs, dining services, and environmental landscaping. Their goals were composting, merging the EAC with the building committee, assessment of energy usage, and reducing food waste. St. Olaf had the capacity to take Carleton’s waste but due to legal issues that would not be possible. They were also working on outline for how EAC should deal with new buildings on campus. Finally, they discussed paper use on campus. They looked into using recycled paper on campus. ITS did not like the idea of using recycled paper in some of the printers, it leads to paper jams because of the ink on the paper. Printers get replaced every three years. The benefit is ecological, not necessarily monetary. The suggestion was put to include the issue of general waste reduction, and it was noted that LCD printers are set on one-sided printing

CSL talked about student transportation, smoking, common time, and cable. Dean Govoni discussed why it wasn’t cost efficient to have mass transportation to the cities. They are also looking into having a co-op system with St. Olaf. Also, they discussed the sound system use, for example the noise at parties, also only public functions can have the sound system. They looked into whether or not it was legal to have furniture on the porches of the townhouse. They cannot take the furniture from within the house outside, hammocks are prohibited as well.

Sen. Navratil asked about discussion of the smoking policy.

Sen. Watkins answered that they had talked about accommodating smoking students in the winter.

Sen. Mendoza had a complaint from a student who did not have cable in his off campus house.

Sen. Lewis said that they would look into that as it came up. He also said that they were looking into whether or not the dorms should be sub-free.

Sen. Watkins said that there is a move to have more sub free floors, and to have one in every building. They are going to look into whether or not it was desirable to have sub free housing.

ECC did not meet as a whole last week

ITS talked about polls. Two weeks ago they were not aware that they were getting rid of the CSA server and moving to the Carleton server. They also met with someone from institutional research, who was worried about survey fatigue. It was decided that senate can have polls, but it is still in question how it will be done. ITS said that it was up to senate, but they needed to check with Dean Govoni, whether it would be okay to have student groups ask questions. Dean Govoni mentioned Survey monkey. ITS talked about that at their meeting, but it is more of a formal survey that is longer and more detailed than what Senate wants. Dean Govoni did not like the idea of having anyone from anywhere asking anything, it would have to have some kind of relevancy. They have had a lot of trouble trying to fend people off from making announcements on the all campus email, they stopped doing all NNB type of announcements, now it is used for only substantive announcements. He suggested approaching it as an issue of substance, where he would have some kind of say in what went in. Dean Govoni approved the use of survey money, and is fine with some kind of toned down version following the same general rules.

Sen. Griffiths asked what the change of servers would entail,

Pres. Cooper said that they would probably sell the old server.

Dining requested that Sodhexo bring back gyros (something they already changed), provide more healthy foods, extend hot breakfast hours (something they are possibly considering for MWF), and in the long run provide organic fruits and vegetables for the salad bar.

Sen. Montero said that they have been making the changes but not advertising, and senate asked them to advertise more.

Sen. McLain mentioned a complaint about the increase in snackbar prices. Sodhexo has gotten new air coolers, and under counter display for bag foods and extended hours, they are also looking to extending to 2am. They also added desert bar at Burton and several other improvements at the dining halls and to the meal plans. There was general approval for the desert bar.

Sen. Sun asked about the expense of extending the hours of the snack bar hours.

Dean Govoni said that the hours and labor has to be re-negotiated and the expense is absorbed by food services or the college, the student prices have no correlation to the price.

Sen. Navratil complained about the foam cups in the dining hall and asked Dining to look into that.

Sen. Montero said that they had an idea of having the snackbar/dining hall sell reusable mugs, but they already do that. There was also talk about buying every freshman a reusable mug.

Sen. Yanger asked about the vegan section being organic, and also asked about people getting off the meal plan for people who must be on block 40.

Sen. Lewis asked who actually pays the people who worked at the snack bar.

Dean Govoni said that their hours are cut drastically during the summer. The senate also discussed the benefits of portion control in the dining halls.

Sen. Lewis expressed concern for the loss of unhealthy food.

Sen. Watkins said that other schools could order things like chicken breasts.

Sen. Montero said that they were working on it.

Pres. Cooper asked about the idea of having some kind of Café in the LDC.

Sen. Montero said that it might come with the new art museum.

Dean Govoni said that when they opened the new dining hall they opened the front area as a café and it closed quickly, they didn’t have enough business.

LTC appointed another student at large.

Move to open discussion passed 10:4

Sen. Navratil asked why he was interested in it.

Student said that he was interested in education itself and comparing Japanese education and American education.

Move to end discussion passed

Move to approve passed 13:0:1

Sen. Ganaha said that they needed a student representative for the LTC and that they would like to have 2 students.

Pres. Cooper said that they bylaws were set up by them and if they want it that way, senate can change it.

Sen. Navratil said that Governance was looking into committee appointments.

Sen. Ganaha would like to run for it if the bylaw changes.

Sen. Lewis was curious as to whether or not Senate needs to vote on who gets on the committee.

Movement to discuss passed 9:5

Sen. Navratil had a problem with appointing a senator to a student at large spot.

Sen. McLain said that they should respect the request of the LTC.

Sen. Watkins agreed and said that they should have a bylaw change.

Sen. Ganaha said that it was important for the sake of diversity.

Sen. Basnyat asked what authority the senate had over these things, and is senate required to vote on the issue at all.

Pres. Cooper said that they were required to vote and would be required to change a portion of the bylaws.

Sen. Lewis asked if the bylaws would have to be changed first.

Pres. Cooper said that the most consistent way to do it would be to appoint Sara first and then ask Governance to rewrite the bylaws.

VP Evans said that it is LTC’s business and they can have who they want on it.

Sen. Mendoza said that if there was a student at large who wanted to do this, they would already be on it.

Sen. Montero made an amendment that they appoint Sen. Ganaha and change the LTC’s bylaws regarding appointments.

Movement to appoint Sara Ganaha to the committee passed 14:0

Sen. Rubenstein said that his appointment group has their recommendations for the rec center advisory committee. Ironically, Sen. Rubenstein did all the interviews himself

Movement to approve passed 14:0:1

The PR committee had a power point presentation regarding what CSA does and why people don’t know about it


1) Lack of visibility

a. Increase awareness of meeting

b. New meeting location

c. Know who’s coming

d. Change normal agenda

e. CSA tables during lunch

f. Table toppers in Sayles


h. Announcements before Sumo

i. NSW

j. Update the website

k. Training for Reason

l. Mass emails

m. Polls

n. CSA logo

o. Make it a contest

2) What they do well

3) What they don’t do well

4) Need some big ideas

Pres. Cooper explained that there is a lot of waste coming out of the dining halls, as brought up by a student last week. There is also the issue of planting more trees around Lyman Lakes to have more shade and decrease the weeds/algae. Also, regarding saunas, there is only one sauna on campus, in the women’s locker room, senate might look into having more. Also, senate could look into having hammocks around campus as well as tetherball. Finally there was the idea of having a different office from campus give senate a talk on what they are doing, this could attract people to the meetings.

Sen. Mendoza asked where the sauna would be. There were no plans for a location

Sen. Sun asked if it would be feasible to open the tunnels The answer is no, because of insurance and the fact that they are full.

Sen. Wiczer said that his study break floors really liked the idea of tetherball, and he got a brushoff regarding the trees.

Dean Govoni said that when you produce a laundry list it is reflective of anecdotal ideas, and that senate should actually think about what would actually be an improvement to student life, and then do research about it. If Senate does come across burning ideas, they should come to him and then see if the energy is sustainable and if the idea is sustainable. He said that waste education is something that they would have to push really hard, the sauna was not included in the rec center plan because in the past there was a maintenance issue with men urinating on the rocks. Dean Govoni also cautioned against the use of non-native trees around the lakes. Teatherball sounded feasible, but hammocks come with too many problems.

Pres. Cooper said that if people are interested in a specific issue they should get together and find out what needs to be done about it.

Sen. Yanger reminded senators that they are a big part of PR.

Sen. Watkins said that they shouldn’t let what Dean Govoni sees as big hurdles deter senate from taking on big issues like saunas.

Sen. Wiczer asked about the druid things that they do, and basically wanted to know if they could build a more permanent sweat lodge.

Sen. Ganaha added the issue of wasting napkins to the food waste issue.

Sen. Navratil brought up the issue of a swing set on campus, which would happen if senate paid for it. Several times in the past 20 years, every time it has come up, the administration has had a way to shoot it down. Finally the administration gave the approval. The main concern last time was the cost of $3500 and it was shot down by the senate.

Sen. Lewis wondered what percentage of campus was interested. And what its use was

Sen. Navratil said that at least 200 students signed a petition. Enough students wanted it on campus, it would be a recreational activity for campus.

Sen. Sun expressed his support but asked if they had gotten support from alums.

Sen. Navratil said they had not. It was determined that senate gave a comparable amount of money to KRLX.

Sen. Lewis suggested that Sen. Navratil come back to senate with a poll of student opinion. An informal vote was taken with 5 opposed and 10 open to having further discussion on the issue

Sen. Watkins wanted to talk about meeting location, and thought that it would be a good thing for PR. The following committee appointments were informally made:

Sen. Watkins said that there are only club sports trainers 2 times a week and expressed concern for the health of athletes.

Tetherball Sen. Navratil Sen. Watkins

Dining waste Sen. Ganaha

Saunas Sen McLain Sen. Rubenstein

Club trainer Sen. Watkins

Swingset Sen. Navratil

Sen. McLain asked about opinions about table toppers.

Sen. Navratil expressed support of senate table, wanted senate office hours, and wanted a new business section not in the end of the meeting.

Sen. Watkins was in support of the SUMO idea

Sen. Basnyat was in support of a logo PR decided to go ahead with the contest idea and with a sign about the meeting.

Sen. Yanger asked about putting senators pictures on the table toppers and received informal approval.

Sen. Montero said that last year there was a big deal with spring concert and whether or not it would be alcohol free. He moved to create an ad-hoc committee to address the issue

Movement to create committee passed 12:0

Motion to adjourn passed with a majority