Budget Committee Membership

The Budget Committee is chaired by the CSA Vice President, and consists of the CSA Treasurer, two Senate liaisons, and ten students-at-large. Students serve on the Committee until they leave campus.


Hibo Abdi 20'

VP Hibo Abdi


Brandon Moy '20

CSA Treasurer, Brandon Moy

Senate Liaisons

Luke Norquist 21'

Luke Norquist, Class of 2021 

Cindy Guo 21'

Xinyi Guo


Allan Thekkepeedika 19'

Allan Thekkepeedika

Zoe Pharo 21'

Zoe Pharo

Edward Hershewe 20'

Edward Hershewe

Edgar Aguirre 22'

Edgar Aguirre

Abby Hartzell 20'

Abby Hartzell

Phuoc Huynh 19'

Phuoc Huynh

Rahul Kirkhope 22'

Rahul Kirkhope

Ben Chesler 20'

Ben Chesler

Libby McCrea 22'

Libby McCrea

Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam 20'

Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam