Budget Committee Minutes

January 18th, 2007

  • Location: Sayles 253
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Secretary: Paula Wright

Call to order

Request One
Contra Dance

Contra Dancing returned on their postponed request from last week. The space for the dance has been confirmed, thus the dance is on. The request for $700 will cover free admission for 77 Carleton students, which will pay for the band and caller fee. Contra Dance is collaborating with St. Olaf in preparations and publicity for the event, although St. Olaf will not contribute to funding.

The full bid stands.

Request Two
Carleton College Chess Club

The Carleton College Chess Club requested funding for the club’s annual trip to Chicago. The club expects to take a team of five people. The request will cover the costs of transportation, hotel stay, registration for the tournament, and USCF memberships for three participants. An USCF membership allows for the chess player to get a ranking in the tournament, to be eligible for prize money, to receive an annual publication, and allows the member to participate in any tournament. The Chicago tournament is a central event for the advanced chess players in the club. At least two chess players will definitely need to renew their USCF membership.
Breakdown of costs:
$94 per night per hotel room, two nights and two rooms= $376
Tournament entry fee: $140
USCF membership: $39 for three people - $117
Transportation (campus van)- $413.40
Allowing taxes- total $1130

A full bid was made. Pond made a bid for $1,091 to reflect funding for two USCF memberships instead of three. Full bid amended to $1,091. Sarr reminded committee that membership was personal; Nachtsheim noted that the committee has supported funding for personal memberships in the past.

The $1,091 bid stands.

Request Three

Project Friendship (ACT)

Project Friendship pairs Carleton students with middle-school students in Northfield students to develop long-lasting friendships and mentors for the students. Every term the group holds an event to bring all the Carleton student mentors and their buddies together. Project Friendship requested $190 to fund a bowling party for their members and friends at Jesse James lanes. The ACT center agreed to pay for pizza, and the group requested funding from the CSA for:
20 people to play 2 games apiece at $3.75/game = $150
shoe rental: 20x$2.00= $40

A full bid was made by Pond, the full bid stands.

Request Four
Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues production is a 10-year tradition at Carleton, but has previously not asked for funding from CSA. The VM production requested funds to purchase renewable set designs including pillows, blankets, and decorations that students that will be reused in later productions. The VM also requested funding to produce color versions of their program, activism supplies for a button maker and for startup money to sell t-shits, etc. that will benefit the Hope center, lobby decorations, art, and logistics (making photocopies of scripts and pink folders for performers on stage):
$400 set design/equipment
$200 publicity/programs
$125 activism supplies
$100 lobby decoration/information
$50 logistics
Nachtsheim made a bid of $850, reflecting the removal of the button maker, as the CSA owns one. Fritz noted that request could be interpreted as seed money and therefore against the bylaws to fund. Nachtsheim stated that Contra Dance was more of a seed fund than the VM production, and Pond added that production was for the enjoyment of all Carls.

The bid of $850 stands.

Request Five
Late Night Trivia

Late night trivia requested funding in order to spread information about the event and organize prize donation. The event is put on during reading days during winter term, and solicits prizes from Northfield businesses to reward the trivia teams. Anyone is welcome to form a team: last winter approximately 20 teams participated.
Breakdown of request:
Photocopies $20
Envelopes $10
Postage $87
Miscellaneous, Creative Advertising $30
Gasoline (to collect prizes) $35
NNB ad $10
Action Trivia supplies $85
Telecommunications $50 (to set up a phone bank)

Members deliberated the request for $30 for creative advertising. A full bid was made.
Nachtsheim made a bid for $297, reflecting the removal of the $30 for creative advertising. The full bid was removed from the table.

The bid of $297 stands.

Request Six
Carleton Macintosh User Group

The Carleton Macintosh User Group requested funding for DVD Fest as their request for funds from the Dean’s office was denied this year on the grounds that the college wants to make DVD Fest more of a Carleton event.
Breakdown of request:
T-shirts for DVD fest 2007 staff (about 20) $200
color posters and advertisements $150
headphones for cameras (5 of them) $120; for student use when filming movies
Storage (external hard drive) $130

The representative speculated that the external hard-drive and other equipment would go to PEPS department after completion of the event, and also noted that the department currently has 2 headsets, which is unpractical for 60 teams to share. Fritz expressed Dean Baggot’s concerns that the Deans office removed funding for DVD fest. Motion made to postpone request so that the number of teams signed up for the event can be clarified. Members deliberated the requests to pay for personal t-shirts, for a hard-drive and headphones, and the necessity of color printing.

Members voted unanimously to postpone the request.