Budget Committee Minutes

April 10th, 2008

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: Chairman Pablo Kenney, Co-chair Sam Ritter, Paul Ellebrecht, Tommy Walker, Kristin Nierengarten, Jacob Schak, Sarah Duane, Stephen Gee, Megan Pond and Lisa Wang
  • Absent: Laura Barsness, Sungwook (Wookie) Hwang
  • Secretary: Robert Martin

Request 1: Carleton Rugcutters
Amount requested: $1,900
Amount recommended: Postponed

Request 2: Carleton Rugcutters
Amount requested: $494
Amount recommended: $170

Request 3: International Festival
Amount requested: $3,120
Amount recommended: $1,682

Request 4: Tim Viet
Amount requested: $65
Amount recommended: Postponed

Request 5: Rugby
Amount requested: $700
Amount recommend: $500

Request 6: Experimental Theater Board
Amount requested: $152.50
Amount recommended: $152.50

Request 7: Experimental Theater Board
Amount requested: $83
Amount recommended: $83

Request 8: SOPE
Amount requested: $775
Amount recommended: $775

Request 9: Unashamed
Amount requested: $462
Amount recommended: $462

Request 10: Sexuality and Gender Activism
Amount requested: $1,500
Amount recommend: $1,500

Request 11: Project Friendship
Amount requested: $575
Amount recommended: $575

Request 12: Men of Color
Amount requested: $1000
Amount recommended: $1000

Request 13: Men's Lacrosse
Amount requested: $200
Amount recommended: $200

Request 1

Carleton Rugcutters


The Carleton Rugcutters requested funds to sponsor Spring Swing, Carleton's live band social dance. Generally they present crash-courses in social dance and then have several live bands. This year they are asking for funds for only one band, Jerry O'Hagan and his Orchestra. In the past this event has been very popular, filling the Great Hall to capacity.

Walker asked if charging admission for non-Carleton students might be feasible. Rugcutters did not think it would be appropriate. Walker asked if there were cheaper bands available? Rugcutters said that the band was already decreasing its prices significantly.

There was discussion about the location, which might change from the Great Hall to another venue. If it was held somewhere else, it could be up to $220 cheaper.

Pond said she was reluctant to fund an event without first knowing the location because the money would be unavailable to CSA. Nierengarten added that both venues might not be available.

Pond moved to postpone the bid until next week. Budget committee unanimously approved.

Request 2

Carleton Rugcutters


The Carleton Rugcutters requested funds for their travel this term. Planned trips include bi-weekly trips to St. Olaf, four trips to Tapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis (social dancing and workshops), and two trips to the Four Seasons Dance Studio in St. Paul.

Pond asked why the Carleton Rugcutters merit so many trips. Rugcutters responded that they were open to everyone.

Nierengarten asked whether students were attending multiple trips. Rugcutters responded that some are, but mostly the groups change.

Walker asked if St. Olaf ever comes here, and Rugcutters explained that they do occasionally.

Pond made a bid of $170, arguing that they need to decrease funds for all groups. The bid reflects 2 trips to the cities, 1 to collegiate conference, and weekly trips to St. Olaf.

Walker made a $72 bid for weekly trips to St. Olaf and 1 trip to the collegiate conference. He said he viewed workshops in the cities as analogous to private lessons.

Pond argued that students do bring something back from workshops and interacting with different dancers.

The voting was as follows:
Walker $72 bid: 2
Pond $170 bid: 6
1 abstention

Request 3

International Festival


International Festival requested funds for the annual International Festival in Upper and Lower Sayles. The request was for groceries, stancion rental, travel costs, facilities set-up and advertising costs. Most of the expense will be for food. This year's festival will feature 50 prepared dishes serving 200 servings. There will also be 25 performances. They requested $419 to rent stancions.

Ritter explained that because they rent stancions every year, he believes it would be best to buy them. They cost $500.

Walker said he was against stancions because Carleton students don't need stancions. He argued that we can build stancions on campus if we really need them. He made a 1,687 bid by reducing their advertising costs to $5, and subtracting $1,000 from groceries.

Ellebrecht said that because senate overrides Budget Committee and rents stancions every year, it might make sense to just buy them.

Ritter made a $3,218 bid, reflecting a full bid plus money for to buy the stancions. He said that this is one of the most important events of the year, and that 500 people are expected to attend. He added a stipulation that $500 be used to buy stancions.

Walker argued that the event is only 2 hours long and that it is financially irresponsible to spend so much money on a single event. He believes it is necessary to have fewer servings and fewer dishes. He added to his bid a recommendation that if the senate absolutely needs stancions, it should buy them.

Schak made a $1,782 bid, reflecting a slightly different distribution of money.

The voting was as follows:
Walker's $1,687 bid with recommendation to senate: 6 votes
Ritter's $3,218 bid with stipulation: 2 votes
Schak's $1,782 bid: 1 vote

The recommendation of the committee is $1,682 with the recommendation that senate buy stancions if they are essential to the event.

Request 4

Tim Viet


Tim Viet requested funds for a mixer event for the group which would feature a Vietnamese dessert named Che.

Pond asked if there is Vietnamese food at the International Festival. Tim Viet responded that there is, but that it's a seperate event.

Nierengarten asked if the food was prepared as a group. Tim Viet answered that the event is based around sharing of food. Nierengarten asked why it was scheduled for 7:00PM. Tim Viet said there was no reason.

Tim Viet explained that it would be publicized with word of mouth and the email list only.

Ritter recommended that Tim Viet apply to AltBev.

Gee asked if it was AltBev does it still have to be open to the whole campus. It does. Gee was concerned that it did not sound as if it was open to the whole campus.

Walker said that in the past they have decided that if it is publicized through email lists, it is open to the whole campus.

Pond pointed out that the event was scheduled for the 11th, the day after the request. She asked if it was too late to send out an email. They responded that yes but other people were handling the invitations. Tim Viet recommended perhaps delaying it until next week.

Walker moved to postpone the request until next week. Budget Committee voted unanimously to postpone.

Request 5



The Rugby Team now has a coach who helps the team twice a week. The coach lives in the twin cities and drives down to coach the team. He is doing it for free, but they want to provide some kind of compensation for him. It is split into $520 for transportation and $180 for added compensation.

Walker asked if other Club Sports have coaches. They didn't know.

Nierengarten asked what the Rugby players pay in dues. They pay $65. Right now they have 45 players but expect some to drop out.

Duane asked why $180 and they responded that it was a few dollars per hour.

Pond asked what the $65 pays for. It pays for membership fees, paying referees, paying for equipment, and a tournament every spring. $30 is for social activities.

Ritter said he would be meeting with people at the Rec soon to see if there was a better way to organize coaches for Club Sports teams.

Walker said that although he is normally opposed to instructors, he thinks Club Sports directors are different. He thinks that there are issues of safety and team benefit that may justify coaches for Club Sports.

Pond said she agrees with Walker but thinks that if $30 is for social fees, than perhaps they can pay $5 per player for the coach.

Walker argued that social fee should be seen as separate from club fees. He made a full bid.

Pond said that she still felt $40 was reasonable for Club Sports dues. She made a 500 bid, assuming that 40 players could pay $5 per person to make up the rest.

Ritter made a $0 bid. He said he didn't see the difference between this and a dance coach, and that hopefully they will find a better way to deal with this in the future.

The voting was as follows:
Walker's $700 bid - 1 vote
Pond's 500 bid - 4 votes
Ritter's $0 bid - 3 votes
1 abstention

Walker's bid was eliminated.

Pond's 500 bid - 5 votes
Ritter's $0 bid - 3 votes
1 abstention

$500 is the recommendation of the committee.

Request 6

Experimental Theater Board


The Experimental Theater Board requested funds for their shows this term. This will pay for sets, props, and publicity. There are no royalties to pay this term, so it is a small request. Through ETB's endowment, CSA only pays half of the necessary fees.

Pond asked how many posters. There will be about 50.

Walker made a full bid, calling it an excellent request.

Request 7

Experimental Theater Board


The Experimental Theater Board is seeking to improve the quality of Little Norse by building mock-walls used in sets. This is part of a long-term project to improve Little Norse.

Nierengarten asked why the ETB is doing this. They explained that they are responsible for Little Norse.

Ritter asked if ETB's endowment will cover half of the costs. It almost certainly will.

Walker asked if the ETB was familiar with stancions. ETB was confused by the question.

Pond made a full bid. It stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 8



SOPE requested funds to hold a Contra Dance for Earth in the Great Space. The funds will pay for a dance caller, publicity and the band Contratopia. It will be open to the larger Northfield community.

Pond asked what proportion were students last year. About half. Pond asked if a fee might be possible, and SOPE responded that they are asking for donations for Earth Week.

Nierengarten asked if this was the Battle of the Bands weekend, but there is no conflict.

Pond made a full bid.

Nierengarten pointed out that they are asking for donations. She asked if that was seed money.

Walker said it was not because it is for a charity and not financial risk, not an investment. His concern was that the only environmental aspect of the event was the donation. He said though that perhaps they are celebrating the earth.

Pond said that yes, they are celebrating the earth. The beginning of earth week.

Both Walker and Pond expressed their love of celebrating the earth.

The full bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 9



Unashamed requested funds for both publications they are planning for this term. Previously, they came for each issue separately, but Budget Committee recommended last term that they make one big request.

Nierengarten asked what kind of feedback they have been getting. They have been trying to get non-christian religious points of view, and have been trying to organize round-table discussions.

Ellebrecht asked if they are turning submissions away. They have so far printed every submission they have received.

Nierengarten commented that it was a very successful publication and made a full bid. The full bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 10

Sexuality and Gender Activism


SGA is planning on publishing a book called When I Knew. It will be stories from alumni, students, faculty on how they discovered their sexuality. The pages were designed by a Carleton design class. There are 35 to 40 contributing authors, and they are predominantly students.

Walker said that he feels that it is similar to magazines like Unashamed which receive a max of $500, or if it is not then it may be personal property. SGA responded that they want to make it a big publication, and are unsure about the personal property implications.

Nierengarten asked how they will be distributed? SGA will be doing a reading and tabling. Nierengarten asked if this will project will happen again. SGA is unsure, but at the moment there are no plans for future publications.

Ellebrecht asked about the kind of book binding. It is going to be book binding.

Pond asked if it could perhaps be a pamphlet. SGA responded that Carleton Printing is not sufficient. They have put a lot of work into it.

Schak asked how many will go to students? More than half will.

Nierengarten asked who was involved. As well as the LGBT community, there were design students and others. In total more than 60 students were involved.

Walker made a $1,250 bid. He said that they need good printing for the good artwork, although he didn't want to fund thing that would go to they alumni.

Pond made a full bid, seeing as this a community project. There will be copies in the library and hand downs. SGA has also collected many sources of funding.

Ritter agreed with Pond and said that the bylaws state that publications do not constitute personal property.

Ellebrecht said he thought they were going to be nice enough that they would become personal property. He remained in support of the project.

Pond argued that it is not personal property when someone takes home the lens.

Walker said that his rationale for slightly decreasing his recommendation was the personal property bylaws.

Pond said that Budget Committee should encourage truly exemplary community projects.

The voting was as follows:
Walker's $1,250 bid - 4 votes
Pond's $1,500 bid - 5 votes

$1,500 is the recommendation of the committee.

Request 11

Project Friendship


Project Friendship is organzing a group trip to the Minnesota Science Museum. Attending will be the directors, Carleton volunteers and Project Friendship kids. They must charter a bus because campus drivers are not allowed to drive minors.

Pond asked how often they do trips. This is their second trip this year, they went to a Zoo earlier this year.

Ritter asked who paid for the zoo. It was a donation from the Northfield community.

Schak made a full bid.

Walker said he sees how this helps Carleton students, but in a way it is the CSA donating to a charitable cause.

Ritter said that this is in some way Governance Committee's decision in chartering the organization with funding.

The full bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 12

Men of Color


Men of Color requested funds to defray the cost of Down from the Mountaintop, the James Baldwin play. Tickets are free and will be distributed through tabling and online. Other groups have donated $3,000 dollars already. If CSA does not fund it, other events from the week long synopsium will need to be cut. There are 400 tickets and they have already given away 200.

Duane asked if all 400 tickets will be given away. They will, although not all will go to Carleton students.

Nierengarten asked about advertising, it will be advertised through KRLX, Northfield News and other sources.

Ellebrecht asked about the accompanying dinner. The purpose of the dinner is to meet and discuss the book.

Pond made a full bid, pointing out that in a way it is sponsoring a full week of activities. The full bid stood as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 13

Men's Lacrosse


The Men's Lacrosse team has been doing a lot of fundraising to support the growth of the team. They are holding a banquet to talk about the future and thank the benefactors. There will be 75 to 80 people using Carleton catering services. The whole event will cost $1,400. The Lacrosse team is asking for help supporting the cost. Each player has given $300 already.

Pond asked if they have used the Crepes Stand. They have not, but are willing to.

Nierengarten asked what they have done for fundraising. They have donated themselves, made shirts and stickers and solicited donations from parents and alumni. Running the team costs $20,000 per year and they receive only $5,000 from Club Sports.

Nierengarten asked if they have considered meal exchange. They only expect one third of the attendees to be on Sodexho, and got no clear answer from Sodexho when they asked.

Ritter was critical of the event because it is not open to the whole campus.

Walker said that the guidelines stipulate that 50 percent of the seats are Carleton students.

Nierengarten said she was impressed by the fundraising efforts and personal commitment.

Gee said that if an email list means an event is open to the campus, then this event must also be deemed open to the whole campus. He emphasized that he did not believe either were really open to the campus.

Pond said she saw a distinction between Club Sports and most clubs.

Question and Answer was reopened to allow Lacrosse to say that they strive to make Lacrosse open to all students. Lacrosse is expensive but anyone who wants to join can and will receive financial help if necessary. Other teams are very expensive.

Pond asked if the event is open. Lacrosse responded that it is a unique event featuring many facets of campus. They have not advertised but it is known on campus that they are planning a big weekend.

Ritter said he believe that it was good that lacrosse is open to the whole campus and that he supports efforts to keep it that way. He made a full bid which stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Budget Committee adjourned at 11:20PM.

For corrections to the minutes, please contact CSA secretary Robert Martin at martirob@carleton.edu