Budget Committee Minutes

April 24th, 2008

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: Chairman Pablo Kenney, Co-chair Sam Ritter, Paul Ellebrecht, Tommy Walker, Jacob Schak, Sarah Duane, Megan Pond, Paul Petke, Michelle Garjewski, Nimo Ali, Tim Foran, Lisa Wang, Stephen Gee, Kristin Nierengarten
  • Absent: Dominic Vendell, Laura Barsness
  • Secretary: Robert Martin

Request 1: Black Student Association
Amount requested: $1,696
Amount recommended: $1,547

Request 2: Women in Math and Science

Amount requested: $295
Amount recommended: $265

Request 3: Chase Kimball
Amount requested: $850
Amount recommended: $850

Capital Funds Transfer: Not Advised

Request 1

Black Student Association


The BSA requested funding to bring documentary producer and director, Daphne Valerius to Carleton. Daphne Valerius has recently completed The Souls of Black Girls, a provocative news documentary that raises the question of whether women of color are suffering from a self-image disorder as a result of trying to attain the standards of beauty that are celebrated in media images.

The money will fund a workshop and screening of the film, as well as gas and transportation for Daphne Valerius. Two large meals were requested, one of which they were planning to through 3rd Center.

BSA has been promised $500 from other organizations, but is having difficulties getting the money transferred.

Pond said that she thought it was a good request but was concerned about the $500. If CSA approves that money, then it will be transferred to the BSA’s account and cannot be transferred back until the end of the term. Ritter pointed out that the request could be modified if necessary before the meeting this week.

Ritter notified the committee that this money will come from Honoraria and the Diversity Initiative Fund.

Walker made a $1,547 bid reflecting full funding for workshop and flight. He did not agree to fund the second banquet.

Ritter informed the group that if they were to request both meals from 3rd Center, they could receive funding for both.

The $1,547 stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 2

Women in Math and Science


Women in Math and Sciences requested funding for the annual Girl Scout Math and Science Day. The funding is to pay for various supplies needed for the nights activities. They are expecting 100 girl scouts and at least 15 volunteers. They agreed that they might be able to reuse scissors and find flashlights instead of buying them.

Hwang made a $265 bid, reflecting their total minus money requested for flashlights and scissors. The bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 3

Chase Kimball


Chase Kimball made a request to Budget Committee for furniture that could be distributed in the trees near the Bald Spot. They money will fund 2 benches, 4 chairs, and some chains/padlocks. Kimball believes that “a couple pieces of furniture would be enjoyable, and pleasant, and not go overboard.”

Although he is not exactly sure where they would be stored during winter, Kimball has spoken to Facilities about putting them under a tarp or something.

The money to fund these chairs would come out of Capital Reserves.

Ritter agreed with the padlocks and chains, pointing out that furniture had been burned at Mai Fete the previous evening.

Walker made a full bid. He said that it would be a huge benefit to the campus, and that the project was starting modestly.

Pond said that although she liked the request, she was concerned about the issues of storage and chaining them against trees, possibly making it impossible for students to lean against trees.

Walker argued that facilities will make a plan for the furniture once it is on campus, and that if the chains are a problem, they can experiment with different solutions.

Ellebrecht expressed his unease at setting a precedent of the CSA buying furniture. He believes it is the college’s responsibility. Other members argued this could be seen as a trial run, and they could ask the college to fund future furniture purchases.

The full bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Capital Funds Transfer

Ritter asked the Budget Committee if they would advise the transfer of $3,000 from the Capital Reserves Discretionary Fund into Special Allocations. The bylaws state that budget committee must advise the action, and the senate can then approve with a majority vote. There is currently approximately $5,000 remaining in the various CSA accounts, with major events Rotblat and Superhero Party approaching.

Walker argued that Budget Committee should wait until they actually need the money to transfer the funds.

Kenney disagreed and said that it would be more responsible to move money and then stay within the limits of the budget.

Walker said that Budget Committee should earnestly try to remain within the $5,000 without assuming that they will go over. And if they need to move funds, then it will be based on an event and not be a decision arbitrarily made in advance.

Pond agreed that Budget Committee is most fiscally responsible Spring term, precisely because they are low on funds. If a decision to rearrange funds is to be made, it should only be when it is absolutely necessary.

There was 1 vote in favor, the committee does not advise moving the funds.

For corrections or questions about the minutes, contact CSA Secretary Robert Martin martirob@carleton.edu