Budget Committee Minutes

October 23rd, 2008

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Present: Chairman Pablo Kenney, Co-chair Sam Ritter, Paul Ellebrecht, Jacob Schak, Michelle Gajewski, Tim Foran, Stephen Gee, Jinai Bharucha
  • Absent: Dominic Vendell, Sarah Duane
  • Secretary: Robert Orion Martin

For questions or corrections to the minutes, contact CSA secretary Robert Orion Martin (martirob@carleton.edu)

Request 1: Film Society
Amount requested: $350
Amount recommended: $350

Request 2: Griffin Williams and Jimmy Rothschild
Amount requested: $700
Amount recommended: $400 with stipulation

Request 1

Film Society


Film Society is planning to screen legendary rock band Flaming Lips' film, Christmas on Mars, at the Cave, early in winter term. They requested funds to pay for licensing fees. The movie is an esoteric cult film.

This group is not connected with Sumo. They are considering doing it in the Cave.

Gajewski made a full bid, saying she fully supported the request. The full bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

See the trailer here: http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/christmasonmarstheflaminglips/

Request 2

Griffin Williams and Jimmy Rothschild


Griffin A. Williams and Jimmy Rothschild have contacted some different groups on campus but have been unable to secure more funding. They did raise $100 on their own. They asked the library where they might store it and have not heard back.

Summary of the suit of armor arguments: It was the general consensus that the suit of armor would be a worthwhile addition to the campus. It could be worn at games and displayed somewhere on campus.

Arguments focused on how the armor would be displayed on campus. Would CSA be forced to buy an expensive display case to secure it in? Also, neither the library nor any other group has agreed to display the suit of armor.

Foran moved to table the request until next week.

Gajewski said that BC needs to be clear about what is holding up the request. She is concerned about them not having a glass case or a place to store it.

Ritter said that issues about where to put the armor will be resolved when and if the suit of armor is bought.

Ellebrecht said that this is enough money that he doesn’t want to fund it until all the details are laid out.

Foran said he is also concerned that about how cheap the suit is being sold for on eBay. Williams responded that the suit appears to be from a high quality manufacturer.

Gee noted the similarity between this request and the Kimball request for chairs on the baldspot last year. In that situation, not all the questions were answered and the request was funded.

Gajewski noted the high opportunity cost of this request, and also that there are more serious problems with this request than there were with the Kimball chairs. She said the box is a natural complement to the night armor.

Schak noted how slow the library is in responding. He said he didn’t think they would respond in one week. He said he might support some money for the armor but not a full bid.

Gajewski was concerned about buying a sword and having it sit around in a dorm room.

The movement to table failed with three votes in favor and four opposed.

Bharucha recommended making a partial bid and seeing how other groups like the President respond.

Gee recommended a stipulation to make sure the money doesn’t get tied up. He also noted that many people are genuinely excited about this concept.

Gajewski said that the glass case and the armor go together. She was very concerned about where they would be stored. Gee said that Oden is unlikely to fund something without knowing where it was going.

Ritter said that many people are excited about this, and he would like to see CSA move first on projects like this. He said that there are spaces where CSA could store the suit if necessary. He made a $500 bid.

Ellebrecht was concerned about the cost of case that CSA might be forced to buy.

Foran didn't want to speculate about Oden would do in the future.

Gajewski made a $400 bid with the stipulation that they find a public place to store it and a case to store it in. She added that CSA would not be obligated to fund storage.

Ritter withdrew his bid.

$400 with stipulations is the recommendation of the committee.