Budget Committee Minutes

October 30th, 2008

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Present: Pablo Kenney, Co-chair Sam Ritter, Paul Ellebrecht, Jacob Schak, Michelle Gajewski, Tim Foran, Jinai Bharucha, Dominic Vendell, Sarah Duane
  • Absent: Stephen Gee
  • Secretary: Robert Orion Martin

Request 1: Mock Trial
Amount requested: $860
Amount recommended: $860

Request 2: Moshe Lavi
Amount requested: $350
Amount recommended: $350

Request 3: Japanese Circle
Amount requested: $150
Amount recommended: $150

Request 4: Singapore Club
Amount requested: $154
Amount recommended: $154

For questions or corrections to the minutes, please contact CSA secretary Robert Orion Martin (martirob@carleton.edu)

Request 1

Mock Trial


Mock Trial requested $860 for their trips this term. Last year Carleton students went to nationals. This year they plan to have three competing teams. There are 3 trips, which will include lodging, tournament fees, and transportation.

The Dean of Students covers some of the expenses.

The addition of the third team adds expenses to the Mock Trial group. Printing costs are also considerable.

Vendell made a full bid. He felt the request was well organized and had no objections. The full bid stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 2

Moshe Lavi


Lavi’s sister is a filmmaker who has created a film about living in an Israeli town which is bombed by rockets from the Gaza strip. He requested funds to bring his sister from a film festival in Boston to campus in order to screen her film.

Lavi has already received funding from Joe Baggot and the Office of Intercultural Life.

Ritter made a full bid. He said it seemed like a reasonable price to bring any filmmaker to campus.

Ellebrecht made a $300, saying that other groups on campus can cover the difference.

Ritter withdrew his bid. Gajewski made a $350 full bid. She said she didn’t want to wait for other departments, seeing as this is coming out of Honoraria.

Ellebrecht reiterated that $50 is not an obscene amount of money.

Duane added that perhaps other departments might recognize that students support the event if there is a $300 recommendation.

Gajewski felt costs might be higher than expected.

The voting was as follows:
Ellebrecht’s $300 bid – 3 votes
Gajewski’s $350 bid – 4 votes
Schak abstaining.

$350 is the recommendation of Budget Committee.

Request 3

Japanese Circle


Japanese Circle requested funds to hold its second cooking night of this term. There were about 20 people at the last event. They have emailed to their email list.

The purpose of Japanese Circle is to celebrate traditional Japanese culture. They do traditional cooking and movie nights.

Vendell made a full bid which stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.

Request 4

Singapore Club


Singapore Club requested funds to have a cooking night to make Char Kway Teow. The event will be publicized around campus. The event will be Saturday, November 8th at Asia House.

They expect around 20 people.

Vendell made a full bid, which stood unopposed as the recommendation of the committee.