Budget Committee Minutes

October 22nd, 2009

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 251
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: President Jinai Bharucha, Treasurer Sarah Duane, Isak Skov, Charlie Liu, Robert Stephens, Justin Jack, Isaac Hodes, Rose Schuchat, Jeremy Girton, Stephen Gee, Amy Sun
  • Absent: Yoni Blumberg, Lauren Masterson, Will Ladner
  • Secretary: Hannah Lucal

Coalition of Hmong Students

Amount Requested: $759
Amounted Recommended: $740

Amount Requested: $42
Amount Recommended: $0


CHS would like to request funding for their annual Hu Plig, a spiritual ceremony that takes place before the New Year. This ritual is an important part of Hmong culture. They believe that “calling of the spirit” will bring back their spirits that may have wondered away from the body to other places; thus making the body sick or weary. It is also to welcome in the New Year. Moreover, this event provides the Carleton community with an opportunity to observe a traditional Hmong ritual that will be performed by their own father or mother. In doing so, the Carleton community will learn about the Hmong language, culture, and belief/ritual.

Hu Plig

Food Items

Estimated Price


Actual Cost


$1.92/dozen LRG




$6.15/whole chicken



Gas/travel Expense

IRS standard rate of $.55/mi

travel dist. 35mi*2ways


Total Cost


Brief description of the use of each item:

Eggs: Is need for the Hu Plig ritual and also to be eaten after.

Chicken: Is need for the Hu Plig ritual and also to be eaten after.

Gas/travel expense: This is the price need to transport a shaman to Northfield using 2009 IRS mileage standard

Gee wondered if they were getting the chicken from Cub Foods. They are. He then asked about the 35 miles. They are inviting a friend from the cities to do the actual ritual.

Hodes wanted to know if they had a car they could use. They do have a car to use.

Duane mentioned that there is a reimbursement rate for personal cars. The new cost is .14 cents a mile. The new cost is $30.

Hodes asked how they are advertising the event. They will send an advertisement through the Campus Email and the NNB. They have also invited a church group from Northfield.

Sun made a full bid.

$30 is the recommendation of BC to Senate.

CHS would also like to request funding for their annual Hmong New Year. Hu Plig is to welcome the incoming year, while the New Year itself is the celebration. This occasion has always been a great opportunity for people to gather and socialize as well as to become acquainted with CHS members. Most importantly, this event offers the Carleton community and St. Olaf community as well as the Northfield community an opportunity to witness traditional Hmong customs through activities, such as dances, music, clothing, and many more.

Hmong New Year 2009-2010


Estimated Price


Actual Cost

St. Olaf






Food/ Entertainment



Total Cost


Duane wondered how Carleton students would be transported to the event. They are getting two vans, and a few of the students on both campuses have cars. Duane mentioned that CSA doesn’t usually fund for decorations; she wanted to know why $150 were necessary for the decorations. Many of the decorations are made out of cardboard, but sometimes they have to buy certain clothing items (such as a sash), as well as paint, to be representative of Hmong culture.

Liu asked how much money they asked for last year. They received funding from CSA last year as well, but they were not sure exactly how much. The cost was about $1000. They also receive funding from St. Olaf – half and half.

Skov made a full bid.

Duane wanted to know what the St. Olaf expense was for. Last year, they paid Carleton to host. This year, Carleton is paying St. Olaf. She then asked how much St. Olaf is paying. Their contribution for food is $300, and their contribution for decorations is $200.

Hodes wondered how it was being advertised. They are advertising in the campus email and the NNB.

Skov made the point that they need money for transportation.

Duane made a $710 bid with an additional $10 for transportation.

Skov retracted his full bid.

$710 is the recommendation of BC to Senate.

IRC's coffee hour has been going on for over a term now – they bring in a speaker (usually a professor, though last week we had a librarian and 9th week they may have a few international students) to present a little something about some international topic (from as broad a topic as Democracy, to as narrow as International Digital Copyright in the Google Age).

Then they discuss and occasionally debate, stimulating caffeine in hand; brought together by nothing but sincere academic camaraderie, a central heating system and freshly brewed, "full test" Blue Monday's coffee.

They advertise through their over 130-strong mailing list (IRC), as well as the MUN list. They also put up posters, and plan to put it into the all-campus email and NNB. The coffee in front of the door also draws people in, as does the smell of intellectual conversation: that of halitosis, coffee and sweater tweed.

Duane liked the idea of funding coffee. She wanted to know how this was different from an IRC club meeting. IRC club meetings don’t exist.

Girton wondered about the advertisement of this event. They are putting up posters, and will put an ad in the NNB.

Duane felt that this could be funded through Alt-Bev. She did think that $60 was a lot of money for one club (10% of Alt-Bev’s funds for the term).

Girton asked how much money has been used for Alt-Bev this term. There is about $300 left.

Sun worried that if this was paid for through BC, there would be future dilemmas concerning food. She thought Alt-Bev might be the most pragmatic decision.

Gee mentioned that Alt-Bev is just a term given for food; everything is from the same account. He also didn’t feel that Alt-Bev would run out of funds this late in the term.

Stephens agreed with Gee’s statement and felt that this was probably a good way of getting around the dilemma of funding food (if there is a real justification for food at the event). A debate about funding food is avoided if this request is funded through Alt-Bev. He made a $0 bid.

Duane commented that if someone makes a $0 bid, the request will be funded through Alt-Bev.

Skov supported the $0 bid.

$0 is the recommendation of BC to Senate.

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