Budget Committee Minutes

January 28th, 2010

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 9:00 am
  • Present: Skov, Sun, Blumberg, Masterson, Lui, Hodes, Gee, Ritter, Schuchat, Duane, Bharucha, Girton
  • Secretary: Jonathan Hillis

American Sign Language Club

ASLC said they have been coordinating classes with a deaf sign language instructor, who charges a fee of 130 dollars per student. This year, there are two students that cannot afford the program and want to do it. In the past, the President’s Office has helped fund the program, and they will not fund this year.

Sun asked if they have thought about having currently trained students train new students.

ASLC said that they have not considered that, but they feel that having a deaf instructor is important. Furthermore, their most skilled instructors don’t feel comfortable teaching classes yet.

Duane asked what sort of outreach the club does for the rest of campus.

ASLC said that they have a sign language table in Sayles once a week for an hour. Furthermore, the classes are offered to anyone, and there is a lot of advertisement for them. Last term, there was a deaf dinner, where the group went out to dinner with a member of the deaf community. There is a large influx this term of people taking classes—nine people in the beginner’s class.

Ritter asked if the numbers for this week were available.

Duane pulled up the budget spreadsheet.

Ritter asked if the classes were central to the purpose of the club.

ASLC said that the classes were definitely central.

Ritter asked if ASLC has talked to the ACT Center.

ASLC said that they have not.

Lui asked what the plans were for the club in the next year and if they were planning to apply to Spring Allocations for next year.

ASLC said that they plan to have lessons every term and would apply for Spring Allocations for next year.


Masterson said that though $160 isn’t much, Budget Committee wouldn’t fund music lessons, and she wondered how this was different.

Blumberg said that he thinks it is different because music lessons can be funded by the music department.

Skov said that he thinks this qualifies as personal property because it is for individuals.

Girton said that the classes aren’t available any other way, so it should be funded.

Gee said that it can’t not be funded because they are learning something, because all activities involve learning.

Hodes said that he doesn’t think it counts as property.

With no further bids, 160 dollars is the recommendation of Budget Committee to Senate.

Experimental Theater Board

The ETB has plays coming up 5th week, 8th week, and 9th week. They have to pay royalties for some shows, and they have to pay for props, costumes, and set building.

Girton asked how much props and costumes would actually be per show, since each show just had $25 listed.

ETB said that it is not by design that each show had $25 listed, that it what each show asked for.


Skov made full bid.

With no further deliberations, $478 is the recommendation from Budget Committee to Senate.

Japanese Circle

Navasero said that Japanese Circle is planning on serving Japanese Pizza at Asia House. They are keeping the event simple, and expect 40 people to show up.

Blumberg asked how they get members besides word of mouth.

Navasero said they recruit at Activity Fair and try to get all Japanese people to join the club.


Lui made a full bid.

With no further deliberations, 81 dollars is the recommendation of Budget Committee to Senate.

Carleton Comics Journal

Canfield said that the CCJ has been publishing for all of Fall Term and it has been funded completely out-of-pocket so far. The printing is done by Printing and Mailing Services. It is released every two weeks, so there are 5 issues per term. There are 300 copies printed at a time and each issue costs 60-90 dollars per issue to print. The club is asking for 300 dollars to fund three more issues and some lee-way to print a special color issue.

Ritter said that he thinks that paying out-of-pocket shows commitment. He asked what the base cost would be if no special issues were made.

Canfield said it would be 90 dollars per issue.

Blumberg asked how comics are solicited.

Canfield said that they started by asking people that wrote comics for the CARL, and now get submissions from non-solicited people.

Sun asked if they will have enough content for issues every two weeks.

Canfield said that they managed to get submissions for all of Fall Term, so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Duane made a bid of 240 dollars, with the stipulation that if they want to print a color issue, they can come back to get the funding.

Gee added that he was impressed by their work, and they should come to Spring Allocaitons.

Ritter added that color issues typically aren’t funded.

Blumberg said that he would support a color issue in the future. With no further bids, 240 dollars is the recommendation of Budget Committee to Senate. GSC Stone said that after submitting the form, they realized that the maximum bid could be 900 dollars for a conference, so they changed their bid to 900 dollars. The GSC would like to sponsor a trip to MBLGTACC, a college conference for BLGTA students. Duane asked who was picking the applications. Stone said that the GSC staff would select applicants. Skov asked if the application process was publicized. Stone said that it was publicized through the GSC newsletter. DELIBERATIONS Hodes made a full bid and he liked the application process. With no further deliberations, 900 dollars is the recommendation of Budget Committee to Senate.